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Mar 27, 2008 09:58 AM

Picanha Brazilian Grill in NE Philly

Has anyone been to Picanha Brazilian Grill lately? We're thinking of taking my dad for his birthday (turning 73) and we will have 3 kids (ages 6, 4, & 2) with us along with my 92 year old grandmother. Is it kid friendly and handicapped accessible? What would be the best time to go on the weekend for the freshest food? We are thinking of having an early dinner (1pm). Also, I heard that if you bring limes and some type of liquor (cachaca?) they'll mix some drinks for you?


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  1. I do not think it is handicapped accessible, as I believe there is one step to get in from the street (I think, not 100% sure). Kid friendly atmosphere, but not menu, unless the kids like meat. I always bring beer, but they will mix drinks for you. Search "Picanha" in this forum, as it has been discussed,

    1. We're going tomorrow night, so I'll report in on Saturday if it is handicapped accessible. I think the kids would like it, if they don't eat beef, they can have chicken. but, if they are meat eaters, I think they would think it is fun to have the waiters slicing the meat at the table right off the skewers. The drink they make with rum and limes is great, but be careful, it really packs a punch!

      1. There is no step, and there is a double door they can open to get a chair in if needed. The salad bar has fresh fruit and rice, also dinner rolls to occupy the kids if they don't love the meats.

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          Thanks so much for the info! I would love to hear your thoughts "pafoodie"? Are you going early in the evening? Also, does anyone know how much it currently costs for both kids and adults for the buffet on the weekend?


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            $7.99 per pound, same price for kids as adults. I believe the all you can eat is $17.99 per person.

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              I think on the weekend the AYCE price is $19.99. They don't have a separate kid's price, but when we go with our kids, 7 & 4, they don't charge us for the kids, except for drinks and dessert. That makes it quite a deal. I haven't been there for a few months, but I doubt it has changed.

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              sorry about the step mis-information... my Picanha memory is impaired by carb and meat overload!


              Thank you so much for starting this thread... I've been wanting to go to a Brazilian steakhouse ever since it dawned on me they existed, but didn't have the least idea of where to start. I'll definitely have to try this place!

              Any other recommendations for Brazilian, ppl? :-)

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                The only other churrascaria that I know of in Philly is Fogo de Chao:


                I have not yet been but heard good things.

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                  We went last night around 7:30 and the place was pretty crowded. We've been three times already and last night was by far the best. They had a Brazilian duo, Minas, who have been in the philly area for decades and they definitely added to the atmosphere. Early in the evening there were alot of Brazilian families, later in the evening a bit rowdier crowd, but boisterous in a fun way. We brought limes and cachaca rum and they make a delicious drink from it, be careful - it packs a punch and could be why the crowd was a bit more boisterous as the night went on. The advantage of going when it is crowded is that the meat comes off the grill and is immediately served, so it is juicy and hot when you get it. We've been on a slow night, where the waiters walked around with the meat for awhile and it got cold. The short ribs and flank steak are outstanding, the sausage was slightly spicy and the chicken was some of the best I've had. One down note for Mirangela is that the bathrooms are not handicapped accessible and definitely would not accomodate a wheelchair. So unless they have a handicapped bathroom that I didn't see, it might be difficult to bring your grandmother. Out total tab for 6 all-you-can-eat was $139.50 which included 5 desserts and tax. It's hard to save room for dessert, but they are not to be favorite is the coconut cake, if you like chocolate - go for the little chocolates that look like large truffles.

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                    We went to Picanha last night too, but a bit earlier. We arrived around 6:00 and there were plenty of open tables. By the time we left at 8:30, the place was definitely hopping. I am sio bummed we missed live music though!

                    We would definitely go back, it was a great time. I heard some comments from friends and family who had been there that the atmosphere was a bit sketchy. We were pleasantly surprised. While not upscale, it was just a decent small restaurant, nothing to be "afraid of" at all. Service was wonderful, some servers did not speak much english but all were extemely friendly. Its definitely easy to over-do it, and I think we certainly did. Highlights were the sirloin (you have to ask special if you want it well done), the chicken wings, and the sausage. The only thing my familiy unanimously did not like was the flank steak - overly salty for our taste. But with so many other things to choose from, no worries! Their salad bar was good, although you definitely do not want to fill up on sides, its good to eat some veggies to avoid going into a meat coma! Desserts are wonderful, but you have to order them seperately if you get the rodizo. Their flan was great, perfect texture, and everyone who ordered the traditional brazilian dessert loved it. I have no idea what it is but it is yummy 0maybe custard, crushed cookes, and cream? Whatever it is, its good stuff.

                    We also realized that another Braziloian/Portguese favorite is just a few blocks away - Cafe Tio Pepe is a wonderful Portguese restaurant. It is more traditional, but yummy, great seafood dishes. So if you like Picanha, you also may like Tio Pepe, so I thought I'd give them a shout out.

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                      I would love to go here. Being from the Great Northeast, I sometimes drive through for memory sake. Passed this one yesterday which was formerly the Gingham House, but was not allowed to go in since my wife is a vegetarian. Maybe it's time to rethink my marriage.