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Mar 27, 2008 09:43 AM

Cocoa: Mango Tree or Cafe Margaux

Thanks to everyone who repsonded to my other post. In reading other posts about Cocoa Beach I have noticed that both The Mango Tree and Cafe Margaux have gotten favorable reviews.
While they both may be a bit out of my price range for a full dinner, are these restaurants where eating at the bar is possible? My bf and I like to try pricier restaurants by sharing a bottle of wine and 3-4 appetizers at the bar. I cannot tell from the websites if bar dining is possible at either place.
Which of the 2 would you recommend?

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  1. The Mango Tree has a bar/lounge that you can have dinner at.

    I Have not been to Cafe Margaux, so I can give you any input, however if you decide to go there post your comments, I would be interested, I im in that area of the state once in while.

    I do recomend the Mango Tree.

    1. We also like to try out restaurants by sitting at the bar & trying out apps.

      Unfortunately, that won't work at Cafe Marguax. They have just a small service-type bar in the restaurant, that doesn't have seats. If you're waiting for your table, they can get you a drink, but it's not set up for sitting & eating.

      We try to go here when the weather lets you sit at one of the tables outside in the courtyard. Never had anything less than a very good meal there.

      Cafe Marguax website:

      Hope you enjoy Cocoa Beach!

      1. Cafe Margaux, as stated previously, does not have a bar that one can dine at, however I think they would be more than willing to accomodate you at a table. They have, if not the best wine selection in all of Brevard County, certainly one of the best. And their selection of appetizers will certainly allow you a chance to sample and appreciate their cuisine. I truly feel that Cafe Margaux is, if not the best, certainly among the best restaurants that Brevard County has to offer.
        The Mango Tree has a small bar, perhaps seating 10 or 12, at which one can dine. I've always felt that the food at Mango Tree did not do the decor justice, however it's continued popularity after 20+ years indicates they are doing something extremely well, and indeed they have a loyal following, and I myself have dined there numerous times and always enjoyed it. Just maybe not as much as Cafe Margaux. The wine list at The Mango Tree however is a joke compared to the list at Cafe Margaux.
        One other consideration, The Mango Tree is in Cocoa Beach proper, Cafe Margaux is in Cocoa Village, about 15 - 20 minutes away. If alcohol consumption is a concern, The Mango Tree is much, much closer.

        1. You could have lunch at Cafe Margaux. You MUST try the tomatoe soup - it's amazing! And the snapper is wonderful too! Cafe Margaux is a more casual place than Mango Tree. Have a nice time!