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May 17, 2002 01:50 PM

Good Chinese in Chinatown?

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Anyone know where to eat good food in Chinatown? Coming from Venice - don't get out of the Westside much - looking for "O.G. Chinese", (i.e. the antithesis of P.F. Changs - possibly the worst food experience of any cuisine I have ever had, bar none......).

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  1. Ocean Seafood, yum.

    1. Not to kill your trip to Chinatown but keep in mind that much of the Chinese population has moved further into the San Gabriel Valley. A lot of Chinese people not in Chinatown don't even bother with Chinatown because they say that the food is better in the SG Valley.

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        Hi Sedela, not to pick on you, but you had two in the space of an inch on the board. Please, all of you great posters out there, don't change the subject line in the post you're replying to as it totally messes up all of us users of Hot Posts. Thanks for your support, and now back to the chow down.

      2. For that big "banquet hall" feel Empress Pavilion & Ocean Seafood are about the same - huge, noisy & delicious. If you seek someplace a bit lower key, I tend towards ABC Seafood (their selection is far tastier than anything you'll find on the tv network of the same name). For a more "neighborhood" feel, Happy Valley is a good possibility. And finally, Yang Chow is reminiscent of NY chinese food...sorta.

        However, I also agree that superior asian food can be found in the SG valley.