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Where to buy pork bones?

Hi everyone. Does anyone know where I can buy pork leg bones in the GTA area? I need them for soup. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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  1. I am not sure you can specify "leg" bones in particular, but any chinese grocery (or korean for that matter) would have pork soup bones.

    1. Any chinese grocery store will have it....

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        O Nosso Talho is the only place you need to know for all things pork.

        North side of Bloor between Dufferin and Ossington. There's another one on Dundas West, but the Bloor location is more accessible by subway.

      2. Portugese butcher shops.

        1. Hi Uberathlete,

          You can definitely get these at P.A.T. Central at Bloor and Christie. I would recommend them over the Chinese groceries at Dundas Spadina area which are questionable in terms of cleanliness.

          1. Soon Lee at Lawrence and Markham has a good meat counter, and I usually see pork shanks there, at a low price; high turnover too.

            1. Thank you for the suggestions everyone! If you have other recommendations, please chime in. I appreciate it. :)

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                `You can broaden your search to include pork neck bones and pork hocks or knuckles, plus a foot or two, all low cost and available uncured.

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                  Go to T&T supermarket or any of the Asian supermarkets.

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                    It is Pork Neck Bones that are most economical and most used, that said, I cannot comfort myself in the taste of stock from Pork Bones! Let us say that Beef and Chicken bones fight at the top for soup bases, then include a great Vegetarian --- but Pork Bones are way down, down at the bottom it seems and certainly for me!!!! Example, I love spicy extra hot flavours and the dull blank uninteresting thud of pork flavour so loved for Korean Pork Bone Soup fails me. That same extra heat would destroy the exotic Pho, etc. Now Smoked Pork Hock create a completely different soup, with depth and flavour!!! Very interesting indeed!!

                2. P.A.T. Supermarket in Bloor's Koreatown, near Clinton carries them. Also have two very meaty chicken backs for 1.29 if you're looking to make a universally favoured stock.

                  1. I agree with the group - chinese markets are the only place to go - what was Big Land Farms on burnhamthorpe in Mississauga works well - I disagree about the broth however - pork broth is light and subtle and very tasty in the right applications.

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                      No doubt many people enjoy pork stock and the way you describe it, the soup would most certainly be enhanced. Tastes are certainly individual as we can tell from all the various postings. I neglected to also mention how good fish stock can be! Suppose I just might as well surrender to the fact that pork broth just never ever yet made it for me! I won't go hog on it!!

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                        Then you'll probably not enjoy authentic ramen, as most broths for it contain pork broth.