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Wall Street Burger Shoppe? Freddo Cafe?

I did a search of this site for Wall Street Burger Shoppe (30 Water btw. Broad & Coenties Slip) and Freddo Cafe (120 Greenwich Street, corner Albany) and nothing came up. They might be new.

Anyone been? Your thoughts?

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  1. Hi FDR,

    Long time no talk! Here is a review of Burger Shoppe:

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      Thanks, kobe. Busy working full time again and searching for new lunch options near Wall besides the corporate cafeteria, pushcarts, or Mangia. Also been busy eating: Cru, Allen & Delancey, Falai, L'Atelier, Ecco. Hope to post reviews soon.

    2. Freddo is new. I went in there and just looked around after work the other day and it's just another deli with what looks like the same old, same old. It's a little nicer than your average downtown deli, but it's just another example of the lack of options in the BPC-Financial District area.

      1. Found a new cart on Broadway right infront of the Helmsley building between Liberty and Cedar - Zaks Falafel; really good hallal, big chunks of lamb and chicken so a bit different than the XPL spots.

        Been getting most of my sandwiches at Zeytuna, mainly because they are the only place I've found down here with decent bread.

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          wingman, will need to check out Zaks. There is a good pushcart on Front and I had some curry chicken there the other day. Zeytuna has a pretty decent chicken caesar salad too.

        2. Wandered into this spot on a rare weekday afternoon off and headed upstairs to the bar -place has a great feel to it- apparently a lot of the diner, bar, tables, and decor transplanted from an old Pennsylvania diner-

          GF and I started with the Short Rib Pudding (red wine, braised short rib served with country bread and pickles) WOW! really good, the ribs braised until reduced to, essentially, a marrow bone style appetizer to spread on toast. Perfect paired with a Belgian beer... Split the "Bar Room Burger" which had gruyere, sauteed mushrooms, onions and a slice of pork belly- tasty, though after the richness of the app suffered by comparison, not wowed by the pork belly; Better stick to the regular cheese burger and fries next time

          We would definitely return, the bartender/server was great, polite and chill, nice to find a decent neighborhood spot, and it serves till midnight...

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            Sebastian, am I missing something or did you forget to post the name of the restaurant?

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                Lucia, thanks! I had a seriously blonde moment there.

                1. re: squirrelly_wrath

                  Thanks for the report. I don't eat red meat and may have to check out their mushroom burger (and hope they add a turkey or vegan burger that is something I'd actually want to eat) . PS I make a turkey burger stuffed with goat cheese, topped with warm apricot and roasted red pepper salsa (forgot where I found the recipe, it's delicious).

          2. The cart on Front street is called Veronica's. Great Jamaican/caribbean food.

            A cool hole in the wall is Tokyo Kitchen on John St (right off broadway). Good japanese lunch food, ie Katsu Don, Katsu Curry, Udon, Niku Don. Pretty good.

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              Thanks, SamScaff. Veronica's it is. Chicken curry is my favorite. Only $5. The baccalau (Fridays) didn't compare to Casa Adela's. Still need to try the Roti cart.

            2. Wandered into Burger Shoppe on Saturday afternoon. Apparently the same "chef" as popbuger in chelsea (as our waitress put it). Burgers were the small 4 oz size and had a similar sauce as shake shack's in my opinion. I highly recommend the guinness chocolate shake though - sounds gross but tastes amazing (and I don't even like guinness).

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                Thanks, sqa916, I love guinness and the shake sounds amazing. And they are open on Saturdays. I still remember a guinness ice cream sandwich I had at some downtown brew pub (not Zip City) when Garrett Oliver was their brewmaster. Yum.

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                  After I read your post about the shake I wandered over to the Burger Shoppe. It was about 10PM. The retro downstairs reminded me of a 1950s diner. I headed upstairs which was more like a pub. I was able to settle on a mushroom sandwich that was nicely done. Crispy around the edges. The bleu cheese made it even better. Fries were good but not great and were served wrapped in "Wall Street" paper in a stand. I got the shake to go. Yum. Service was friendly. Not sure if I would be in a rush to return, but then again I don't eat red meat and I like the fries at Ryan McGuire's and the sweet potato ones at Zaitzeff better.