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Mar 27, 2008 09:17 AM

Wall Street Burger Shoppe? Freddo Cafe?

I did a search of this site for Wall Street Burger Shoppe (30 Water btw. Broad & Coenties Slip) and Freddo Cafe (120 Greenwich Street, corner Albany) and nothing came up. They might be new.

Anyone been? Your thoughts?

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  1. Hi FDR,

    Long time no talk! Here is a review of Burger Shoppe:

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Thanks, kobe. Busy working full time again and searching for new lunch options near Wall besides the corporate cafeteria, pushcarts, or Mangia. Also been busy eating: Cru, Allen & Delancey, Falai, L'Atelier, Ecco. Hope to post reviews soon.

    2. Freddo is new. I went in there and just looked around after work the other day and it's just another deli with what looks like the same old, same old. It's a little nicer than your average downtown deli, but it's just another example of the lack of options in the BPC-Financial District area.

      1. Found a new cart on Broadway right infront of the Helmsley building between Liberty and Cedar - Zaks Falafel; really good hallal, big chunks of lamb and chicken so a bit different than the XPL spots.

        Been getting most of my sandwiches at Zeytuna, mainly because they are the only place I've found down here with decent bread.

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        1. re: wingman

          wingman, will need to check out Zaks. There is a good pushcart on Front and I had some curry chicken there the other day. Zeytuna has a pretty decent chicken caesar salad too.

        2. Wandered into this spot on a rare weekday afternoon off and headed upstairs to the bar -place has a great feel to it- apparently a lot of the diner, bar, tables, and decor transplanted from an old Pennsylvania diner-

          GF and I started with the Short Rib Pudding (red wine, braised short rib served with country bread and pickles) WOW! really good, the ribs braised until reduced to, essentially, a marrow bone style appetizer to spread on toast. Perfect paired with a Belgian beer... Split the "Bar Room Burger" which had gruyere, sauteed mushrooms, onions and a slice of pork belly- tasty, though after the richness of the app suffered by comparison, not wowed by the pork belly; Better stick to the regular cheese burger and fries next time

          We would definitely return, the bartender/server was great, polite and chill, nice to find a decent neighborhood spot, and it serves till midnight...

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          1. re: sebastianxx

            Sebastian, am I missing something or did you forget to post the name of the restaurant?

              1. re: Lucia

                Lucia, thanks! I had a seriously blonde moment there.

                1. re: squirrelly_wrath

                  Thanks for the report. I don't eat red meat and may have to check out their mushroom burger (and hope they add a turkey or vegan burger that is something I'd actually want to eat) . PS I make a turkey burger stuffed with goat cheese, topped with warm apricot and roasted red pepper salsa (forgot where I found the recipe, it's delicious).

          2. The cart on Front street is called Veronica's. Great Jamaican/caribbean food.

            A cool hole in the wall is Tokyo Kitchen on John St (right off broadway). Good japanese lunch food, ie Katsu Don, Katsu Curry, Udon, Niku Don. Pretty good.

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            1. re: SamScaff

              Thanks, SamScaff. Veronica's it is. Chicken curry is my favorite. Only $5. The baccalau (Fridays) didn't compare to Casa Adela's. Still need to try the Roti cart.