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May 17, 2002 11:04 AM

Where to eat in Redondo/South Bay

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Meeting a friend for dinner who just moved to Redondo Beach & I'm looking for some dinner suggestions. Really tasty food is a must! Any suggestions are welcome. I live in Santa Monica so any suggestions between here & there would be fine too.

thanks in advance

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  1. Try Kincaids on the Redondo Beach Pier. We always enjoy the restaurant.

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      If you're going to do Kincaid's, you should go for Sunday brunch. The breakfast wellington and the stuffed french toast are 2 dishes that are great to split. I suggest a bloody mary too.

    2. w
      wow i'm a dog

      I like Octopus (sushi) in Manhattan Beach. Pricey, but I think it's good.

      What atmosphere/cuisine are you looking for? Should it have a bar? Be quiet or energetic?

      1133 Highland Ave
      Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-5331

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        sushi sounds great.....
        i love all different types of food.
        don't really care about a bar or a scene, just delicious food. I read about Ann Lee's, (I think that's what it's called) are you familiar w/it???

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          wow i'm a dog

          No - do tell!

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            I think she meant Gina Lee's Bistro, which is on PV Blvd, between PCh and Catalina. I think it is a very good restaurant. Asian influenced, a lot of fish on the menu. Entrees are in the ~$12-$18 range, so it is very reasonable.

            Zazou on Catalina is another good choice. Same owners and similar if not identical menu to Cafe Pierre in Manhattan Beach.

      2. Ragin' Cajun on Pier in Hermosa Beach. I've written about this one before; a down-home, sawdust on the floor kind of place. Crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya, catfish, etoufée, etc. Decent beer selection. Very casual.

        Kincaid's is good, as another poster pointed out. We had a family brunch there a month or two ago. Bloody Marys were terrific. My daughter had the stuffed french toast; I thought it was a little heavy. The wellington was a bit rich, but good. I think the best dish at the table was their version of lox, eggs, and onion. I've had dinner there as well, and think they do better with dinner than brunch. They use mid-western beef, from Nebraska or Colorado, can't remember which - you can taste the difference.

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          wow i'm a dog

          Where is Kincaid's?

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            On the Redondo Beach pier. Enter from Torrance Blvd. Turn right into the public parking lot, but don't park in the structure itself. Follow it through, around and past the office buildings, and you will come to an outdoor parking lot. At the front of the lot is Kincaid's. Accessible by a couple of stairs and a handicapped ramp.

            1. re: LBQT

              I like Kincaid's a lot and I recommend it to people quite often. But there is something about them that really gets my goat. I've found that if you want to go there as a party any larger than 4 without reservations, it can be unpleasant.

              I went for a Sunday brunch, party of 5, and even though there were a billion empty and sufficiently large tables, they SQUEEZED us into a booth meant for 4 because we didn't have a reservation. By the time we were finished eating, there were still a billion empty and sufficiently large tables available.

              On another occasion I went as a party of 5 for an early dinner. Again, there were a billion empty tables and it was quite quiet, but the hostess said they couldn't give us a table but we could push some tables together in the bar area. (Hey lady... round tables do not push together well.) We were at the point where we decided to look for another restaurant, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask a server in the bar area if he could talk to the manager and get us a real table. They were then able to accomodate us. We had an good meal and again, by the time we finished eating, there were still plenty of large empty tables.

              Why so stingy with the tables when they're not even busy? Was I dressed too casually? Was the hostess just on some weird power trip?

              Well it was a long time ago, so enough about that... their scratch margaritas are EXCELLENT. I'll just drink and forget about it.