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Mar 27, 2008 09:09 AM

Padgett Station in Carrboro

What is the deal with this place? Do they have food and if so is it any good? I go by this place every day and have never gone in.

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  1. I've been there once. They do have food. I tried the crepes and I remember it taking forever to arrive. Pretty tasty but small portion and not worth the price tag. I like the idea of the place better than the actual place.

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    1. re: Shag Waits

      I had that feeling about the place. It always looks empty and I don't know anyone that has been so I figured it must not have been as awesome as the concept of it.

    2. They re-opened recently under new ownership. The menu largely looks the same as the one the old owners had; in other words they're spreading themselves pretty far trying to do an awful lot. Originally, it was just a coffee place; it changed its focus and is going for a bistro-type atmosphere, banning laptops after eight o'clock to encourage imbibing spirits. The crepes were okay when I had them. I've had other food there, none of which was outstanding.

      Online menu is here:

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      1. re: otto_pivner

        I've only had the coffee which was mediocre.

      2. The one time I ate there, I ordered a crepe with goat cheese and they told me there was no goat cheese that day because "the goat is pregnant." I still find this hilarious. (And extremely silly - there are many other local goats giving up the cheese in Carrboro). It sort of summed up the the whole place, which was very precious about the origins and organic bona fides of its wines and coffees, but bumbling in the execution. There was a lot of confusion about whether they had table service or not - we ordered at the counter, but then the food was brought to our table, and then it wasn't clear how to get refills etc. I don't know, it was just a funny/weird experience all around. I never went back in part because I couldn't figure out what kind of place it was - I don't want to study among people drinking martinis, and I don't want to drink among people typing on laptops. But my visit was more than a year ago, or maybe two years - perhaps they have a better handle on things now.

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        1. re: dubedo

          I've never been either, and I pass by on the way to Carburritos. It's just that there is nothing that grabs you. Nothing that says 'come in we have X'. And yes it's pretty empty...always a sign..