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Mar 27, 2008 08:44 AM

any tolerable food in La Guardia?

Due to the timing issues of our upcoming visit, it appears we'll need to grab some lunch at the airport. I know that such places are not known for their cuisine, but are you aware of some options that are better than others? Soup/sandwich/salad type of place suits us, or burrito, or middle eastern, or ????? Thanks.

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  1. There's a food court now in the lower level of the main terminal, with a number of chains. I think there's some edible stuff down there... at a bazillion dollars for a pastrami sandwich

    1. Can you make it to Jackson Heights or Flushing by bus in time? They're like 15 mins away.

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        Ahh, great minds think alike. I actually did this a couple of months ago. Flight got pushed up 4 hours, so I popped over to Coatzingo for some tacos. I feel by doing this, I have taken one more step closer toward totally chowhound enlightment and will recieve totally consciousness on my deathbed. So I got that goin' for me.Which is nice.

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          How about a little something, you know, for the effort? ;)

          1. re: apossibleworld

            Honestly, I don't think the heavy stuff's gonna come down for a few more hours yet...

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              I've had an interesting morning. In the last two hours I've lost my job, my apartment, my car, and my girlfriend.

              You still have your health.

        2. No. Sorry. Thanks for the thought, though, as I'm sure you could help me out from there. We're landing at 2 pm and need to grab an immediate late lunch and get to Manhattan asap.

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            if i recall correctly -- and i am always rushing, so never have time to stop -- there''s still an outpost of one of Todd English's places adjacent to the food court. good enough pizzas and such, from the one time i did go.

            1. re: david sprague

              there is. also in the food court are sbarro, fast food chinese, a starbucks-type coffee bar, the "new york" deli, and a shop that sells hideously expensive bottled water and juices, sandwiches/wraps, and snacky things (dried fruit, chips, etc). if you don't do the todd english place, then the deli would be my rec although it's nothing special.

            2. re: jazzcat

              Hang on... get to LGA, grab a lunch, THEN head into Manhattan?? Unless you plan to eat in the cab (which I would absolutely not do), why not jump in the cab first, get to NY, and grab a quick bite. What part of the city will you be going to?

            3. Thanks everyone, for pointing out the best of the not much good (as suspected). As it turns out, we have an early dinner res in Manhattan (Sunday), so we'll hopefully snack our way toward that and skip the airport lunch altogether.

              1. To answer the originally asked question, there is a place named "Figs" near the bottom of the escalator of the food court. They have better than average salads, soups, light entrees, full bar for cocktails. Nice for the airport.

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                  Thanks. I'll be needing an airport meal in a week or so & found this thread. "Figs" sounds like a good option!