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Mar 27, 2008 08:42 AM

Super 88 foodcourt, any recommendations?

I see the bahn mi at Pho Viet is very popular on the CH boards. I have enjoyed the ramen at Ken's just outside the food court. Any specific recommendations for Wisteria, the Korean stalls or the others?

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  1. I love the dry-fried beef chow fun at Kantin, good for about 2 meals at about $5.95.

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      Second on the beef chow fun at Kantin. The various fried rices there are pretty good too.

      I'm not a fan of either Korean place, and would much rather go eat at Buk Kyung II or one of the places on Harvard Ave. I hear good things about the Indian place but for some reason, I've never eaten there. Lollicup has a lot of goofy and too-sweet things on their menu, but the straight teas with boba are pretty tasty. PhoViet deserves its reputation, especially the banh mi. I have enjoyed everything I've ever gotten from Wisteria, but I haven't explored their menu as thoroughly as I would like. I've only eaten at the new Thai place in the Stall of Death (seriously, I think there's been like a half-dozen places in this stall, all of which have failed) once, having something called the Harvard Noodles, which were acceptable but kinda bland. Never eaten at the dim sum place. Ken's is of course amazing, and the less said about the ghastly YoBerry, the better.

    2. We're big consumers of the pho at Pho Viet - for me, in particular, the veggie w/pho - nice big triangles of tofu and tons of lovely freshly cooked veggies atop a steaming bowl of pho. Lots of favorites at Kantin - spicy salted tofu is a current addiction (spicy salted fish is good too). The dim sum guy is good if you've got a craving - not my favorite dim sum by far, but if you need a sesame ball, you need a sesame ball, right? We tend to eat at Pho Viet most often though - it's the best combo. of tasty plus healthful (hi sod., of course) for us.

      1. Ken's Ramen, not exactly in the food court, across a little hallway at the parking lot entrance to Super88 is a very strong contender for best Ramen in Boston. Really excellent!

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          Not only is the Ramen great, I love to sit at the counter and watch the ballet of the kitchen staff, the precise measurement of ingredients, the precise timing of when the noodles are ready for the soup. Everything detail is meticulously tended to.

        2. Kantin's wonton noodles are a great option too.

          1. My current favorite is Wisteria - really tasty Taiwanese food. Try spicy sa cha noodles with shrimp, chicken or beef.