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May 17, 2002 10:09 AM

Where can I find some good bananas foster?

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Just in case y'all are not familiar with it. Banans Foster is a dessert that originated in New Orleans with Bananas fried in Banana liquer, rum, brown sugar and butter and then set aflame and served with ice cream

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  1. Flints on Pico just west of the 10 Frwy. on north side of the street.

    1. The Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. It is owned by the Brennan family of New Orlean's "Brennan's" fame and they have not fogotten the recipes en route to Anaheim! Everything I have had there is good, but the Bananas Foster was sublime.

      1. The Dal Rae on Washington in Pico Rivera prepares "Bananas Flambe" -- really Bananas Foster -- tableside and it is delicious! The place is a Rat Pack blast from the past, but not cheap.

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          I wondered if anyone else knew about the "Dal" in Pico Rivera for the Foster? Been going for 20+ years.