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Mar 27, 2008 07:20 AM

Birthday Dinner for 8?

Hey folks,
I'm back asking for another recommendation: this saturday is my wife's birthday. We've got guests coming in from out of town, so our quiet romantic evening has been put on hold.

Some of our favorites: the Blue Room, Neptune, Toro, the Butcher Shop, ECG, Delux, the B-Side.

Our problem is that the places we love tend to smaller, and might have a hard time accommodating such a large group, at such short notice?

Any suggestions on places in Boston that would have the same kind of intimate atmosphere but could easily accommodate us?

I was thinking maybe Eastern Standard, but we haven't been.

Help me out hounds. And as always thanks a million.

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  1. Eastern Standard would be great, I think that they could easily accommodate 8 people. If you like ECG why not give that a shot, I've eaten there with parties of 8.

    Tremont 647?

    1. What about the Gaslight? Could that work for a group of 8?

      Again, it's not a place we've been, but it sounds like it would be just up our alley.

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        I did a b-day dinner for 8 at Gaslight 2 weeks ago and it worked well. Altho the table was a little tight. Union would be excellent for this. LIneage in Coolidge Corner. La Morra in Brookline Village. Evoo in Somerville.

      2. Sasso is new and great. they can do 8

        1. Tons of places come to mind. I would recommend Tapeo, Lucca, Tresca, Union, Gaslight, Rocca. Tapeo, tapas, like Toro, but larger (two dining rooms) Lucca in the North End, Tresca has a great large table by the window in their base floor dining room, and Gaslight, like mentioned above can be a bit cramped, but is a lively atmosphere.

          1. The original comment has been removed