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Mar 27, 2008 07:04 AM

Restaurant Suggestion Manhattan

Living in Brooklyn/Williamsburg my wife and I are looking for a change of pace. We almost never go out to dinner in Manhattan

How about one steakhouse recommendation and one "other". We're very open when it comes to all kinds of food. Price is not a concern.

Thanks all!!

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  1. frankly, you have lugers...the only place id recommend next to lugers is keens so you may as well just stick with the best.

    for meats, id go with blue ribbon bakery or allen and delancey...allen and delancey is making some delicious food lately that you cant really find in the states in my opinion. very popular so call way in advance for reservations.

    1. I would strongly recommend Eleven Madison Park if you want a truly flawless meal BUT I don't think it has a particulary romantic vibe to it so if your dinner out needs to include some atmosphere I would suggest you check out Bouley or Daniel. If you are looking for a perfect compromise between romantic and non-romantic look no further than Picholine. Less extravagent you may want to consider Telepan, db Bistro Modern, or Dovetail.