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Mar 27, 2008 07:00 AM

Having chocolate fit in Baltimore

Did a search on this and didn't find anything - looking for whatever you consider to be the best chocolatier in Baltimore! Having a chocolate fit and in the mood to search out little chocolate stores to get my fix :)

Many thanks.

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  1. I go to Glarus Chocolatiers, on Exeter St. in Inner Harbor East (across the street from Whole Foods).

      1. Kirchmayr in Timonium on Deerco Rd if you want to schlepp out there.
        It's worth the trip.

        1. Baltimore also has some very nice "old-school" chocolate makers, such as Wockenfuss on the East Side and Rheb's on the West Side. I know that sounds like something you'd see on the Wire but I don't think the candy makers ever throw down. The Baltimore chocolate market is big enough for everyone.

          But I'll second Kirchmayr too.

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            Thanks for the replies - not sure how I missed the above thread. I ended up putting on Palmer's cocoa butter lotion, Serendipitous perfume from Serendipity and getting turtles from Rhebs and thus ended my chocolate fit. I'm absolutely going to go out to Kirchmayr SOON - can't wait. Thanks again!