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Mar 27, 2008 06:38 AM

Jam Filled......?

I have a ton of homemade jam (blueberry & strawberry mostly) and want to use it up. Bored with what I've been doing, any favourite ways you like to use up jam? Including cookie or cake recipes would be appreciated if possible. Savory ideas? ...thx

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  1. If you like PB cookies you could make PB&J cookies. Basically just a PB thumbprint cookie with a dollop of jam in the indent. They're really great made with cashew butter as it cuts down on the sweetness and is very nutty. I bet a spicy oatmeal thumbprint would be good with blueberry jam as well. Either jam could make a great filling between layers of cake. I bet the blueberry would be delish with a lemon cake. The strawberry jam could also be used as an ingredient in a vinaigrette for a salad. Maybe one with baby spinach, sliced strawberies, almonds/pecans, blue cheese and red onion. For something super simple either could be mixed in with plain yogurts, oatmeal, or cream of wheat, or heated and served over ice cream.

    1. Add some to a vinaigrette, sandwich between shortbread cookies, in the middle of a layer cake or coffee cake, turn it into coulis by thinning it out with a little simple syrup of fruit juice, serve with cheese after dinner, mix into plain yogurt or add to a smoothie in place of sweetener. I love jam and always make far more than we can consume before the year is up and I start making it all over again. Also makes a nice hostess gift.

      1. Melt it in a saucepan with some balsamic vinegar and pepper/salt and make a sauce for poultry.

        Fill lemon cupcakes with it.

        Melt it down in a saucepan and use it as a glaze for fresh fruit tarts.

        Use it for making trifle.

        Use it as a bottom filling for cream cheese tarts (put a little jelly in the bottom, then put the cream cheese mixture on top - these are excellent for a picnic because they aren't messy.).

        1. my mom used to do jam filled muffins. just a plain muffin batter, fill the cups partway, add blob of jam, cover with a little more batter, bake as normal. delish.

          jam also makes good breakfast sammiches with waffles, ham, and cream cheese.

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            Set up a stand and sell it?

            Short of that, use it to glaze pork, ham, or chicken.

            Or make one of my most favorite cookies, linzer tarts.

          2. Old World Raspberry Bars from the Land-o-Lakes site are AMAZING. I've been making them for years, and people always rave. I've made them with many different kinds of jam, and they're always delicious.