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Mar 27, 2008 06:29 AM

Where to buy Richardson's half-gallons

I go through a rather large amount of ice cream (actually frozen yogurt and sorbet mostly) - so much so that I have a separate half height freezer (thinking about getting a bigger freezer) dedicated to ice cream. The flavor I go through most is richardson's oreo yogurt. Before I take the long trek from Milton to Richardson's/Jordan's in Reading, I'm hoping there is somewhere closer that sells Richardson's prepacked half gallons for a reasonable price. I know that Cabot's sells a few flavors in prepacked containers but none that we stock at home. There are a number of scoop shops in the area that sell Richardson's but I haven't seen any other places selling the prepacked half gallons. Any suggestions?

Also, I've read the various ice cream threads on the board but there is little focus on frozen yogurt - who makes amazing frozen yogurt I need to try?
To give you an idea of our tastes, currently in my freezer are:
Richardson's purple cow and orange sherbert (out of oreo yogurt)
Gifford's vanilla yogurt and grapenut ice cream (better than Richardsons) (haven't found any place closer than Hannaford's in NH)
Ben & Jerry's cherry garcia yogurt, jamacain me crazy and burried treasure
Haagan Daz mango sorbet
edy's strawberry bars

BTW, I agree with a previous thread that costco has some of the best soft-serve yogurt in the area.

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  1. I am not certain you are going to find a half-gallon of oreo yogurt sitting waiting anywhere. Why not call a retailer for Richardson's products near you and see if the can order it and more importantly how much it costs. Some places with pretty good prices are New Deal Fruit in Revere and Dairy Dome (I think the right name, but the owner was also trying to put a car dealer there) on Rt 16 in Everett, but they are probably as much out of the way as the Jordan's. Camille's in West Medford and Chilly Cow in Arlington are some other possible outlets. BTW, Richardson's used to deliver including in the Metro area and their prices were pretty good. Might be worth a call if you place a larger order (say you are hosting a party or something). If I had the extra freezer space, I would simply stock up on Ice Cream base from Hood in Chelsea and make my own :-)

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      Do you know of any Richardson's retailers south of Newton? There is a scoop shop in Randolph that sells Richardson's but they don't sell pre-packed. Anyone know of any other Richardson's retailers?


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        In a few weeks, when Flint Farms in Mansfield opens, they'll be selling Richardson's half-gallons, at a good price. They don't stock many flavors, but if you call them at the beginning of the week, they'll order it for you pickup at the end of the week.

    2. Jay's Ice Cream in Malden Square. They sell prepacks and DIY packs in a variety of sizes and flavors. They also have a new food set up -- great pizza (homemade dough and sauce) and sandwiches.

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        Thanks for the info on Jay's. Have driven by but never gone in.