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Mar 27, 2008 05:56 AM

(LON) Patogh - Reservations?

Just a quick question really - I was thinking about going to Patogh for dinner with the family for an early dinner next monday. All the reviews I've read have mentioned that it's small and frequently busy - is it worth making a reservation, or should we just turn up? I don't mind waiting but anything longer than 30 minutes and my rather tetchy sister is prone to getting restless! And fwiw - any menu items that we really shouldn't miss, or should avoid?

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  1. How big will your party be? Patog is really really tiny. If more than 4, I'd make sure I go at rather unusual hours. Read: dinner at 5.30pm. Otherwise I just don't see how they'll manage to fit you in. But maybe others think differently.

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      Just 3 or 4 of us, so we should be able to squeeze in? Is there a corkage fee if you BYOB?

      1. re: babybat

        No corkage fee. If it's 3/4 of you, you should be fine.