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Mar 26, 2008 11:06 PM

Inexpensive Sushi In OC?

I am looking for a inexpensive place to eat for lunch or happy hour or something with decent quality. My girlfriend only eats california rolls and what not so it is exactly cost effective to go to good sushi joints.

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      1. re: elmomonster

        elmo has a great blog. i visited a bunch of places after reading your blog. Thanks!

        1. re: frank828

          Thanks Frank! But thank you as well -- I think it was you who gave us all Chowhounds a heads up on a recent anniversary special where everything was a dollar.

          1. re: elmomonster

            haha i dont think that was me but interesting that i was there on that night. It really was not very good though. The quality was lacking and the variety of fish was extremely limited.

            ahh i miss yoshi at maki zushi, thanks for the heads up on that place too! ive had many a great meal in front of yoshi

    1. Kura Sushi in Costa Mesa on 17th Street would fit the bill perfectly. My boyfriend and I eat here frequently to get our fix and save the places like Abe and Bluefin for special ocasions.

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      1. re: umami

        Reminds me of the quote from Scrubs.

        "Maybe you should avoid eating sushi from the Gas 'n' Go."

        "It came free with the fill-up! What am I supposed to do, just throw it away?"

        "Yes, you are!"

        That said - the one time I went to Kara Sushi it was good and inexpensive.

        1. re: umami

          If you don't like Crisco pan release on your nigiri, then stay away from there.

          1. re: Dlish

            Assume you're referring to this post?

            Anybody know what's up with that? What's in Crisco Pan Release???

            1. re: Midlife

              Yes, that was my original post. It's the same stuff you might have in your pantry for use when you bake cakes or muffins..etc. I just looked at their website and didn't see the exact can they were using. They probably use the sized/labeled product.

              The ingredients listed on the general consumer can (blue): canola oil, soy lecithin, dimethyl silicone (for anti-foaming) and propellant.

              It might matter to some and not make a lick of difference to others.

        2. If you are in the West Newport area, give Fuji Yama a try. It is good basic sushi and has great prices and unlike most cheap sushi joints it sells high quality sake. It is on the corner of PCH and Balboa. The chef and owner used to work for Takashi Abe of Bluefin fame.

          1. Sankai
            3940 S. Bristol St.
            Santa Ana, CA 92704

            Sankai in Costa Mesa is very good for the price IMO.