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Mar 26, 2008 10:12 PM

Recommendations in West Hollywood

I noticed that Sam1, a fellow New Yorker, has already asked for recommendations recently, but I'd appreciate some suggestions in West Hollywood, places relatively near N Crescent Heights and W Sunset Blvd. I won't have a car, so places that are accessible by bus please.

I'm particularly interested in bakeries for breakfast; tacos; and local cuisine (basically not stuff that I can eat back in Manhattan).

Also, would a solo diner be ok at Lucques? Any suggestions for solo dining would be great.

Thanks so much for your help--it's going to be my first trip to LA, and I am completely clueless about the choices.

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  1. For breakfast, you will not be too far (walkable) from the fun and funky Griddle Cafe but, fair warning, lines develop quickly there.

    Solo dining at Lucques--or most any place in L.A.--is fine. By the way, Lucques serves a terrific hot chocolate (so rich that I often have it instead of dessert).

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      Incidentally, Lucques has a small bar where I like to sit when I dine there alone.

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        LA is tough without a car.

        There is a whole thread buried somewhere about the excellence of dining solo at the bar of Lucques. You can also get a drink across the street at Comme Ca. If you like dining solo at bars with good California cuisine Campanile is another excellent choice. It isn't walking distance but it isn't far by cab.

        The best bakery nearby would be Boule; take the DASH stop from Crescent Heights/Sunset you can also take the same DASH and go down South to Bread Bar (French import). The same line will also get you to Joan's on Third (more baked goods, good sandwiches and salads, scene). Good shopping on Third.

        The best tacos near there are Pinches. They aren't perfect but certainly better than NY.

        I am fond of Traktir (Russian) for dumplings, kabobs, and cured salmon. Crescent Heights/Santa Monica

        You might also consider touring the Hollywood Farmers Market (not 3rd/Fairfax) on Sunday. Good produce, good coffee, and you can finish off with a little raw bar or brunch at Hungry Cat. And cocktails, did I mention cocktails. I need a cocktail.

      2. As an ex-NYCer living in this area, I have to say it's a bit short on culinary highlights. I second the recommendation for Griddle Cafe. Also Pinches Tacos offers very adequate tacos. You might enjoy the ~20 minute walk up Laurel Canyon to Pace (Italian pronunciation) for very good Californian-style pizza.

        EDIT: could not add link for Pinches, but here's their website:

        2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046

        Griddle Cafe
        7916 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

        1. I gotta say, when in West Hollywood, I can usually be found in only a few places. This is more due to my "creature of habit-ness" than anything major.

          Angeli Caffe
          Providence (close enough to WH..a half minute away on melrose)
          Elixir (now hoo)
          Urth Cafe (rarely now, it's crowded)

          All are OK for solo dining.

          You may want to try the Village Idiot. I have yet to go, but I know it's liked on here and is also go for a solo diner.

          For Brekkers, I highly support getting to The Griddle.

          1. my fave in west hollywood is Hugo's

            It's organic, I wanna say kinda Californian food

            Anyway, really yummy food, especially for brunch :)

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              good rec! Great food at Hugo's!

            2. You should definitely visit the 3rd and Fairfax Farmer's Market.

              Also, Crescent Heights is a short walk from Sunset and Fairfax, which gives you access to one of the best chow bus lines, the 217 (and its Rapid variant, the 780). This bus takes you as far south as Little Ethiopia and as far east as Los Feliz, with stops in all the neighborhoods in between.

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                Hi all, thanks--

                I'm definitely making a reservation for the Sunday dinner at Lucques then, and going to Griddle Cafe, Boule, and Pinches. Thanks also for the tip about the chow bus line--that sounds awesome!