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Mar 26, 2008 10:09 PM

Sazeracs @ Arnaud's 75

This week, until Sunday evening, I'm in NOLA with 4 good friends, at a convention of art teachers. We're from Los Angeles.

Following the suggestions of Zin1953, I guided my colleagues to Arnaud's, and ordered a round. Delicious.

The bartender, a very professional young man named Chris, provided beautiful service, and, upon leaving, I told him how I knew to find Arnaud's, through this board. Later in the evening, we stopped by again, and as we were leaving the second time, he told me that he considered it a high compliment, that a wine professional in the Bay Area would recommend his establishment. So, thanks Zin. Our group now considers the Sazerac our favorite cocktail, and Arnaud's 75 the best place to have it.

Now, for a crawfish boil...Deanie's, or......?

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  1. My wife and I visit about two time a year and always make it a point to stop in at Arnaud's 75 for a drink with Chris and our other favorite bartender, Tito.
    We were down at the end of Jan this year and Chris made us our first Sazerac and we fell in love with it.
    The following evening we stop by for another and Tito made a couple for us also, just as good as the night before.
    We love everything about Arnaud's and always make it a point to stop in when we're in town.