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German - Old Stein Inn near Annapolis

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Has anyone eaten there? What did you think?

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  1. Food was good but nothing to rave about. Worth at least one try, especially if you like beer variety.

    1. The food is mostly overpriced and really not worth it. Drinking beer on a nice day at their outside tables, however, is.

      1. Don't get their sauerkraut - it's awful. As a German who knows how to cook German food properly, to me it's offensive. Their other stuff is fine.

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          cbauer- any recommendations on good German restaurants? I lived in Bayern for 5 years and miss excelllent German cuisine dearly: schweinhachsen (sp), jaegerschnitzel, germknoedel, hendl.... Va, Dc or Md- I will go anywhere for a great German meal!

          Danke.... an guad'n!

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            The only authentic place I've found is the Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown (yes, that's a long way). A friend tells me the owner is from Irschenberg (south of Munich). But, it's very pricey and I've only been once (not sure it's worth it to me), though when I walked in I had to refrain from reflexively saying Gruess Gott.

            I've seen Henning's in Frederick recommended on these boards and I mean to give it a try. The chef is apparently a Dane who cooks in a somewhat German style.

            P.S.: If you find any place that makes a real hendl, I will travel for it!

        2. I haven't eaten at this place in a while, but there used to be a little German restaurant in West Annapolis, that was pretty good. Anyone know the name, or how it is doing lately? Although it might not have a liquor license, I can't remember, certainly doesn't have the beer selection of Old Stein Inn, but if you are looking for German food...

          1. I've enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Old Stein Inn on the occasions that we've been there. It's fun to sit outside in the nice weather and listen to the accordion player or small band play as you dine.

            The beer selection is great and the cream of crab and cheese soup has won awards.

            1. Thanks, everyone, for your advice. I ate there this evening and enjoyed it a lot. I have eaten and cooked German food a bit but I am no expert. It is not the best German food I've had, but good. We had the wurst platter as an appetizer, which is a plate of different types wurst (sausages) sliced in thin rounds and grilled, served with cubes of cheese (muenster, havarti, cheddar?) and a side of grainy mustard. Pretty good. I had Jagerschnitzel (pork) with spaetzle and red cabbage. The sauce on the schnitzel was really tasty with a nice bite of black pepper and lots of mushrooms, but it was very salty. The pork was moist and the batter was still crispy. The spaetzle had breadcrumbs and nutmeg, and the cabbage was quite tart with cinnamon. My dining partner had sauerbraten which was good, potato dumplings (moist with a nice flavor) and the same red cabbage. The bread that came with the meal seemed authentic and handmade so we asked the server where it came from. She said it is imported from a German baker and arrives by UPS, so when they run out, it's gone until the next shipment. My dining partner happens to be an artisan bread baker and seemed to think it was good, but not great - it is a lighter rye, thinly sliced, with a good crust, and still moist (this kind of bread is really dense and does not fall apart or "crumb"). I like more of a rye flavor but it is rare to get this kind of bread around here so I ate it up. The atmosphere is perfect - dark wood, lots of people, many who are clearly regulars (one little girl says "Dad, I can smell the spaetzle, can I get some now?" as she walks in). I am not a beer drinker, but there were tons of options. The Biergarten was open despite a rather cool evening, with no wait (go figure). The place must be busy on weekends - they have a "call ahead" policy, which means you call up to one hour before you plan to arrive and you will get priority seating. I arrived about 6:30, had called ahead, and was seated in about 5 minutes. The service was fine and friendly. I would go there again.