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Mar 26, 2008 08:18 PM

Dinner Saturday night for 4

Can anyone help me find a local restuarant in Philly that would be good for 4. I have my aunt and mom in town and we are heading to Philly. I heard Azafran was good, Tres Scalini, Jack's Firehouse, Zorbas, and Il Cantuccios. Can anyone help me out in terms of best value for best food or suggest something other than what I have listed. I am more concerned about great food and low key atmosphere than the wine list- BYOB is great too.

I just can't find menus of these places to gauge. I am looking for entrees less that 20.00-25.00.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I would take Jack's off your list. I enjoy Branzino, Caffe Casta Diva, Dmitri's, Tria and Chloe.

    1. Azafran has been closed for years - now it's Gayle (which is also quite good, though not in your price range).
      Do you have a type of food you are looking for, a neighborhood, etc? All of those listed by saturninus are big faves around here.

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        Marighold Kitchen in West Philly. Just ate there and had a very good meal (as always). It is in an historic (1904) rowhouse on a tree lined street. Menu just changed and now focuses on Southern influences. Highest pricest entree is $21. BYOB as well. Street parking is easy to find (often literally in front of the restaurant). Service is always excellent. Check out their website at I think your mom and aunt would enjoy it a lot.

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          Thanks friend told me about azafran and I wondered why I couldn't find anything recent on it.
          I have been to marigold and I looked at Gayles as well.

          Thanks for heads up

        2. Some people in my neighborhood like Zorba's, which is walking distance, but I really don't care for it. Found dirty silverware at one point, at another visit our dirty plates were left sitting for a very long time. Our neighbors enjoy the fresh fish and Greek specialties and I'm sure it's cleaner than I'm describing, but not a place to take visitors.
          Jack's is probably okay, though young and noisy when I've passed by.

          We used to like Tre Scalini a lot, but since it's moved, it's been very noisy and has had very slow service. Food is always good, and maybe it's fine by now.

          My first choice for what you need would be Branzino, on 17th St. just above Spruce. It is lovely - excellent food and service, moderate prices, BYOB. I think they would enjoy it.
          There are many other good options; better than the ones you are listing. Browse the Board and see what appeals to you.
          If you want street parking, than I could make other suggestions. Radicchio (BYOB at 4th and Wood) is terrific, but doesn't take reservations. No problem if you go early. Another place we always enjoy is Nan (Asian/French) at 40th and Chestnut. BYOB, street parking.