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Oceanside LI - Eats AND food related?

Have been reading about lots of places in the Oceanside vicinity to eat, but am also interested in any food-RELATED places (markets, bargain supply places, etc.) in the area. I'm going to be hanging out on the South Shore for a few hours this weekend with a friend, and we'll have a 9 year-old with us. Methinks she's used to being dragged around on these adventures... :-) Any/all ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Btw, Itgen's is already on our go-to list!

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  1. For excellent prepared healthy foods Jandi's in Oceanside is a great place to checkout.

    1. there's not a ton of places like that right in oceanside.rockville centre has over 100 restaurants though.there really isn't much in the way of interesting shopping in the area aside from regular supermarkets but trader joes has a location in oceanside if you like.

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        Thanks-that's the kind of info I was looking for. We're from NNJ so TJ's is readily available; just wanted to know if there was a great store, outlet, etc. that was worth checking out.

        Any good coffee houses in that area? We went to a great one recently (Coffee Labs in Tarrytown) thanks to Chow recs...

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          unfortunately,we're down to mostly starbucks 'round here.i like their coffee but i doubt that's what you had in mind.we used to have a couple good places but they closed. :-(

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            Definitely staying away from $tarbucks-but thanks for letting me know. We're game to drive within a 10-mile radius or so, though-so if you have any nearby suggestions, bring 'em on! Thanks.

      2. I know this is a reach, but if you like cheesecake, Whistle Stop is the best in the area. The only problem, is that it's a bakery, not a coffee shop (that's how they started!). I think they still have mini-cakes, so you don't have to buy a big one.

        I would get some cheese cake, swing over to Long Beach Rd to get your daughter Carvel, pick up something to drink, and find a hopefully sunny spot to enjoy your treats.

        1. Top Notch on Long Beach Road near Atlantic Ave. has great appetizing.

          1. Thanks for these recs! We're heading out there tomorrow, so if you have any more, keep 'em coming today, please. :-)

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              Someplace I have always wanted to try and never have is Bigelows Clam Bar, which although not in Oceanside, is not too far away. Any thoughts from those who know?

            2. I also just read about Stan's Soul Kitchen in Uniondale...anyone ever been there? Again, anything within a 10-15 mile radius is worth a ride, as far as we're concerned!

              1. Thanks to recs from this thread, CH, and a few other sites, I left NJ with a fairly long list of possibilities yesterday. Bigelow's was THE find of the day, so thanks for mentioning it, robinsilver! I did some more research and found that Ed Levine (of NY and SeriousEats) did a fried clam writeup at http://edlevineeats.seriouseats.com/2...
                and loved the place, so that was enough of a rec for us to head there. All I can say is...GO. This is a perfect place for lunch on the go; it's not about the ambiance, it's about the food. I can't eat mollusks due to an allergy, but my chef pal certainly knows his way around a clam, and he declared them almost as good as the Clam Shack in Maine, which is his favorite place for fried clams. He had a plate of Ipswich clams and fried scallops, I had the fried calamari, and truly some of the best (battered, not breaded) onion rings I can ever remember eating. The cole slaw was also outstanding; sweet, just creamy enough, crunchy, and very, VERY fresh. After tasting his, I ordered a side of it.
                Our other LI stop was for hot fudge sundaes at Itgen's in Valley Stream. For Soprano's fans or NNJ residents, this could be the twin sis of Holsten's in Bloomfield, which was the setting for the last scene of the tv show. Bottom line: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HOT FUDGE. O.M.G. I am not a chocolate freak, but I took 2 bites and declared the (perfectly decent) ice cream to be superfluous; I could eat a dish of the fudge w/just the housemade whipped cream and be perfectly happy! And just think of the calories I could save... ;-) I don't know what they do to it, but as it 'congeals' (such a bad word to describe such a delicious thing), it becomes almost chewy while you're eating the sundae. Needless to say, we got containers of the fudge to take home!
                On the ride home (after about an hour at Jones Beach in between lunch and dessert), we stopped at Brother's Pizza on Port Richmond Ave in Staten Island. It was the rec of a friend, and the focus was the Grandma Pie, which was terrific. Thin crust, very simple toppings, and all of it very fresh. I took a broccoli rabe and sausage roll home as well--all very good.
                In short, if you're on the South Shore, hit Bigelow's and Itgen's (they're within a few miles of one another)--I'm sure you'll enjoy both! Thanks again for the recs, folks. :-)

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                  I guess I am going to have to make sure I get to Bigelows. Seeing as I am one who has gone to A & W on Valentine's Day, because I say that I eat top quality food all the time, it is the fast food hamburger that I rarely eat, I will have to forget about my diet one day and go there. And, while I'm at it, I will have to search out Itgen's, seeing as hot fudge sundae's are one of my other favorite things. Now, my birthday isn't coming up for a few months, nor my anniversary, but I'll have to think of something. Glad you enjoyed it.

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                    Um, how about "it's the weekend!" :-) There-you have a reason!
                    Seriously; we got to Bigelow's at 12:05 on Sunday, and they had opened by Noon. By 12:30, the place was 2/3 full. Granted, it's small, but still...