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Mar 26, 2008 06:47 PM

The Last (LA) Meal

So if you were moving away from Los Angeles (like I am in a few months), where would you be sure to eat before leaving? I've got my favorites that I'll surely hit, but I'm curious about the "must-try's" I may have missed (especially newer foodie joints). Thanks.

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  1. Urasawa. Then you won't be able to afford to move. Perhaps Bastide. It will seem like you will never be done with dinner and therefore never leave LA either. More seriously, it may have something to do with where you are moving to and what you won't be able to find there.

    1. Depends on where you're going, but I'd try and get a cross-section of a lot of cuisines, since this city allows you to do so with great ease. Some things that might be hard to find in general... Northern Chinese, Southern Thai, okonomiyaki and ramen for Japanese, artisanal pizza, Korean soon tofu, Baja-style and Yucatecan and Oaxacan for Mexican, Ethiopian, and Lebanese. Also Classic LA like Philippe's, Langer's, Pie n Burger, and Apple Pan.

      1. Agree with Servorg re: Urasawa. You can't leave LA without having had sushi from Hiro-san!

        1. URasawa, yes. Providence, also. Asanebo, Cut, West, Lou's, Wilshire, Saddle Peak Lodge, Dim Sum in San Gabriel, for sure. It doesn't have to cost $$$

          What about Sabor a Mexico, Senor Fish (look, no "i"), Scoops Ice Cream, Donut Man, El Katracho, Woodlands, Oki Dog, Naja's Place, Carousel, Carnival, Magic Carpet, Yum Cha cafe, The Griddle, The Bucket, Billy's Grill, and other great LA eats?

          1. p.s. I am likely moving to the Bay Area, so I won't be leaving great food behind. I think it's more important to focus on Latin cuisines, since I imagine I can get great Asian and European food up there too.

            Is Urasawa better than Nozawa? Because I pretty much thought that was the pinnacle of sushi.

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              Oh GOD, there is SO MUCH BETTER THAN NOZAWA. And yes, Urasawa is LIGHT YEARS better than Nozawa.

              Also better:
              Go Mart

              For latin, definitely give El Katracho honduran on Burbank in Van Nuys a try. AmAZING! The food is fabulous, the prices are outrageously low, and the servings will fill you up. Frech conch or blue crab soup Baliadas, Shrimp, meat, Plantains...ohhhhh YUUM! I love the mango margaritas there.

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                Again, I came in to Urasawa with lofty expectations and was still blown away. I had dinner afterglow for a few days as I was recalling details from the meal.

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                  While you can get great Chinese food in the bay area, I am not sure about Asian in general. If I were moving from LA to the bay area, I'd hightail it over to Musha, Jitlada and for Urasawa, heck if you can afford it, why not, but OTOH, the cost will make adding in the Southwest flight to eat it whenever you want seem like nothing.....