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Dinner for 8 in Tribeca on a Saturday night

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Wondering about recs for a somewhat large group in Tribeca on a Saturday. I just tried one restaurant on Greenwich, but got the 'no groups that large on a Saturday night' spiel.

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      1. Depends on cuisine/$$, but I'd recommend Fresh.

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          I agree. Fresh is wonderful if you're in the mood for fish.

        2. I would pick Landmarc or Thalassa. Good luck!! Let us know what you chose!

          1. Duane Park just opened up, sounds good. But I always like Dylan Prime for a group too.

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                Duane Park Cafe (American) is one of our favorites. We went just after they re-opened and I think I posted a review. We're going tomorrow night.

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                  Another delicious dinner. Still adjusting to the new decor (liked the old decor better). Same excellent service. PS No more prix fixe dinner.

                1. Just made a reservation for 8 of us at 8pm at Fresh. Thankfully they will allow us to make a reservation, many of other places wouldn't take a group that size at that time (offering 6 or 10pm) (Duane Park Cafe, Landmarc and Harrison's)... oh well, i'm excited to try some of your other recs, but will have to make that with a smaller group... btw, has anyone eaten at City Hall? Thanks again.

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                    I've eaten at City Hall but it was for a private party so we had a special menu. I can still recall their brussels sprouts. Amazing. Service was really spectacular too (attentive, generous). Then again, like I said, it was a private party so I don't know how it translates to the "regular patron".

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                      We walk by City Hall on our way to Duane Park and it always looks empty. Is it more of a lunch place? Would also like to know more about dinner.

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                        bern1 please report back. We have not tried Fresh yet though it is on our list (thanks to hounds). Duane Park is a favorite and we have been to The Harrison several times.

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                          So, overall my Fresh review would be positive but not effusive. The ambiance is very nice with a wide open dining space that's pleasant on the eye. The service and staff were professional and polite. They accepted an 8pm reservation for 8 of us on a Saturday night (see the orig. post), which was difficult to come by. Although they made us wait a little to take our order, I had some Oysters to start with and I can say that they were excellent, but 'sourced' and not really prepared. Next I had the roasted halibut which was good, but not great, perhaps overcooked. Somehow I was underwhelmed. My father complained about his chowder appetizer as being 'lousy', but he enjoyed the parmesan encrusted bronzini. Overall, they competently serve a fresh seafood menu, but I would agree with other posters who have complained that it's missing that 'zing or wow moment with dishes at that price.