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Mar 26, 2008 06:38 PM

Foire de Paris - worth a visit for the food?


We'll be in Paris while the Foire de Paris is on. Is it worth a visit for the food that may be available? Is it standard practice for there to be food procurers with samples, or do you go to buy only?



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  1. Definitely worth spending half a day (or more). Food building has wonderful speciality vendors from all over Europe. Great food booths to either buy the products or others to eat there. There is a large section devoted to wine. Of course the rest of the fair is also outstanding. Last year we went for one day and then went back the next day too. This year we plan to go for at least 2 days.


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      Thanks Carl! My sister-in-law has been discouraging us from going, but your post has us convinced. We'll make a day of it and we'll go with empty stomachs.