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Mar 26, 2008 06:22 PM

Best Indian in the Triangle, NC?

Hi, I am going to be visiting the Triangle this weekend. I am looking for the best Indian (preferably South Indian dosas) in the area. Any recommendations?

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    1. A friend of mine claims the best dosas are at India Palace in Durham.

      1. Best Indian is Saffron in RTP but they stick to mostly North Indian dishes and don't do dosas IIRC. If your heart is set on dosas andSouth Indian food you best bet is Udipi Cafe in Cary.

        1. Turmeric in Winston-Salem. It's new. They have the best dosas, uppam, uthapam and curry I've found outside of London. Also pretty good n. Indian- try their Keema Matar. Saffron is only good for tandoori (Nawab is the W-S spot the Saffron owners have)- they don't use fresh vegetables and spices are too mild.

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            Thanks for the tip on Turmeric; just the kind of information I come to Chowhound for. Where is Turmeric? Couldn't find it at triaddiner or on Google.

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              Winston-Salem is a bit of a haul from the Triangle - it's over an hour drive. For dosai, go to Udipi Cafe in Cary. In the next shopping center over, there's Cool Breeze, which has a bunch of different chaat dishes and some other Indian shops.

              Udupi Cafe Indian Vegetarian
              590 E Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511

              Cool Breeze
              740 E Chatham St Ste E, Cary, NC 27511

            2. re: renaissancegrrl

              Speaking as an Indian, not all Indian food is meant to be spicy. Certainly the South Indians like their heat but Northern Indians (I happen to be Bengali) like things on the moderate side.

              Actually, I've found Saffron's tandoori to be nothing special. Instead, I love their flash fried okra with tomato and onions, and their seafood dishes are wonderful. Their spcing has layers of flavor and varied, wheras as other Indian restaurants the curries can all taste pretty much the same.

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                That okra dish at Saffron is on my list of top ten dishes in the Triangle. Their Chicken Tikka Masala rocks as well.

            3. Gotta give some love to Kandas in Morrisville. I have been there 10+ times now, trying almost half of their menu, and have yet to run into anything subpar. Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Curry, Biryanis, Mutton Soup, deserts, naan - all excellent. I have still never seen this place busy, though, so please support them so they don't go out of business. I don't want to lose my Kandas fix! :)

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                Udupi Cafe in Cary has fantastic dosas, I'm a longtime South Indian food fan, hey I've made and let ferment my dosa mix;-)
                Udipi Cafe is strictlyl veg and they make everything: their chutneys pickles, I thought I'd have to go back to New York for a real dosa, no way! Get their chickpeas, incredible, hot heavenly