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Mar 26, 2008 06:14 PM

Yummy eats in Louisville KY?

I'll be in Louisville for a week in early June, and was hoping to start a list of restaurant ideas. I won't have a car, so I won't be able to visit places too far outside of town. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Lizzy.. a couple of quick questions.. where will you be staying, what food WON"T you eat and how much are you willing to pay? Louisville has the most restaurants per capita in the US, so you have a choice from Argentinian to African to Japanese to Yucatan and everywhere in between....


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      Hi Randi, I'll be staying in a hotel near the Convention Center (don't know which one yet). I love food, and will consider anything if it's good! At the conference I'm going to, they provide us with food, so I'll probably only be going out once or twice, being that I would have to pay for it. Nothing too expensive, but I'm certainly willing to pay up to $40-$50 for a nice meal and wine. Thanks in advance!

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        I agree on the Mayan Cafe and the Brown Hotel.. both are excellent.. also if you have a chance to get to Bardstown Rd, it's a dining plethara of choices.. there is Palermo Viejo whis is an Argentinian Steakhouse; there is Ramsi's which is an electic world restaurant, Sapporo's for Sushi, Impellizeri's for the best Pizza in Louisville.. all of these are in your price range... and shouldn't be a problem getting to them.


    2. The Mayan Cafe is my favorite Louisville restaurant. It's on Market Street downtown.

      I also love basa on Frankfort Avenue.

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        The Brown for a hot Brown of course!

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          Had a great time in Louisville, thanks for the info. Mayan cafe was closed the night I wanted to go, which was too bad. However, I did go twice to a great place named Saffron's near the convention center and had a couple of wonderful meals. They couldn't have been nicer there, I highly recommend it.