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Mar 26, 2008 05:48 PM

Fine or coarse matzo meal for matzo balls??

I am planning to make homemade matzo balls. (Not sure why, becuse the packet mix is quite good...) However, here in Australia we have 2 types of matza meal available: fine or coarse. After having searched recipes far and wide I have been unable to come to a conclusion about which type of matza meal to use! The fine matza meal is not as fine as flour, more like the texture of ground almonds. The coarse one is like very finely crushed bits of matza. And btw, I prefer the light and fluffy style of matzo balls.

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  1. The matzo meal I use sounds comparable to your fine matzo meal. I follow the directions on the box and substitute sparkling water for broth or plain water and season to taste. I also use canola oil as my fat. I follow box directions for cooking and my matzo balls always come out light and fluffy. I use either Streit's, Manishewitz, or Goodman's matzo meal, brands you may not have in Australia. The coarse matzo meal you describe sounds similar to matzo farfel, good for kugels and stuffings. Stick with the fine. I think you'll be pleased.

    1. absolutely use the fine matzoh meal.