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Mar 26, 2008 05:35 PM

Admit that Terriyaki Boy is Awesome

That curry chicken cutlet good.
Tokyo fried chicken bites...amazing.
The terriyaki combination plate with ghetto spicy tuna roles...sickly satisfying.

What do you love or hate about the boy?

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  1. Thanks! All the chows love this place. Time for me to go!

    Any other recs? (Other than "the curry chicken cutlet thing, Tokyo fried chicken bites, and the terriyaki combination plate with ghetto spicy tuna roles?")

    1. in theory i love the idea of a Japanese 'McDonalds', but the food there really does taste too much like fast food sometimes, greasy and instant and MSG-laden and nasty. in a pinch i have gone there, but always with a skulking sense of shame. (I've been to the 90th and 3rd ave one)

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      1. re: jeanki

        Ain't nothing wrong with MSG-laden. Go to Japan and you'll see chefs break out with Aji-no-moto the way Americans would sprinkle on the salt. A good portion of western food is loaded with MSG anyway. Just the media hysteria hasn't extended to "killer ketchup."

        Teriyaki Boy might not be the most refined Japanese dining, but cheap sukiyaki and Sapporo sometimes hits the spot.

        1. re: JungMann

          i agree a little MSG as a spice is fine, and it occurs naturally in many tasty foods (and yes it's in many American foods as well), but there's a difference between that and the cheap-rush flavor of instant ramen powder or fast food.

      2. I love Terriyaki Boy. Ok it's not Morimoto, but what do you want for $4.99 for a sushi/sashimi platter after 4pm. And by the way I grew on Aji-no-moto, makes my ears bright red, but at least my wife knows it's me when i climb into bed after a late night.

        1. I will always be grateful to Teriyaki Boy for teaching me the basics about sushi when I first moved to NYC (from CT.) See, they've got this thing called the "California Roll"...

          1. are you kidding me? Unless they drastically changed the food (I haven't eaten anything from there in about 5 years) that place is awful. it's on par with airplane food except the food on japanese airlines is usually a little better. i'd say it's about the same as chicken terriyaki on american airlines.

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            1. re: Renguin

              I agree with Renquin ... I went once a few years ago and the chicken terriyaki was horrendous and I haven't been back since. The chicken had bits of bone and fat on them, and the flavor was just not that good. For fast food japanese, I'll go to Cafe Zaiya or Chiyoda Sushi.