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Mar 26, 2008 05:27 PM

Yasuda: Worth a try?

There is some crazy mad reverence for Yasudo-san on this board. Is it worth it or is this another "Don't Believe the Hype" thing? At $100+ a head is it going to be two or three times as awesome as my neighborhood place? Is it going to be ten times more awesome than killing it on Terriyaki Boy?

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  1. The short answer is - yes.

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      1. i don't know. if you can be satisfied with Teriyaki Boy, and depending on the quality of your "neighborhood" place, maybe the answer is no for you.

        because of places like Yasuda and other high caliber places (many of which seem to come and go and not stay solid for long), i am a complete sushi snob. for me, the answer is yes. but i also would no longer eat at Teriyaki Boy, and rarely try neighborhood sushi places because they don't usually pass my inspection of their fish through their sushi-counter-glass.

        but i will say that you can have a great "starter" meal at Yasuda for well under $30. you can have their "pre-fixe" sashimi/sushi combo which gives you 3 sets of sashmi, chefs choice (usually a tuna, a whitefish, and a makarel), 4 peices of sushi of your choice from a limited-sushi menu, plus a roll of your choice from same limited menu for $22.50 i think.

        the limited menu will usually still have some of the "recommended" fish from the big list, and good peices and a decent variety. it won't have any of the more expensive or specialty peices.

        you can then supplement with something different -- and Yasuda has plenty of fish that you will not see at most sushi places in NYC or even the US. i recommend the uni, the wild-eel (i particularly like the lemon/sea salt one versus the dark, sweet soy), and the peace passage oyster.

        when i eat there, i do ask them to abstain from putting soy-sauce on my fish, as i prefer lemon and sea salt. for me, the exceptions to this rule are only tuna (where i prefer to dress it with a touch of soy myself, although i'm sure their allocation is fine), and if i opt to have eel in the dark, sweet soy.


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          Really good take on the OP's question. OP -- do the starter meal first and then decide whether you want to go all out at Yasuda. It's not for everyone.

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              Thanks a lot! I need a good way to think abou it. Terriyaki Boy really is McDonald's so is only satisfying in the way that fries and a shake are, and the other sushi places I go to are generally something like Haru, Poke, 'Moto, etc. and I'm always drinking and always getting the same thing. Just not sure how to approach this place but it gets a lot of love so I'd like to give it a shot. For example I have no clue what the whole "Uni" thing is.

            2. If the question is whether it's worth a try, I would say yes without hesitation. Even if you end up not thinking it worth the extra money (which I doubt), you will have come to that decision having at least eaten some really phenomenal sushi.

              Yasuda is definitely a splurge for me and one I can't make too often. And Iove neighborhood sushi as much as the next girl. BUT when I got to Yasuda I each eat piece with my eyes closed, and then before taking the next bite, my boyfriend and I look at each other and laugh about how incredible the last piece was. It is literally that good.


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                That sounds like us! We go to Ichi Ro once a week for our "cheap sushi" fix, but Yasuda is a different universe.

              2. YASUDA IS DEFINITELY WORTH A TRY!!! But here's a tip -- definitely sit at the sushi bar but DON'T sit in front of Yasuda. My partner and I go often, and we've discovered that Yasuda seems to charge a 'premium' -- we eat about the same amount each time we go, but we've found that there's a $20-50 difference in our total bill when we sit in front of Yasuda versus the other chefs. Hiro is our favorite. The sushi there is the best I've ever had.