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Mar 26, 2008 05:23 PM

Tex-Mex in NYC??

Does anyone know of a good Tex-Mex restaurant in NYC or anywhere close by? I've been to quite a few authentic Mexican places and some not so authentic and have been really disappointed by the food. Call me crazy but I'm from Colorado and there is a definite difference between Mexican food and Tex-Mex. So if you have any suggestions (and you know what Tex Mex is) I would really love them! Thank you!

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  1. I'm from Dallas, lived in LA, have been out here five years and still can't find a wicked awesome combo plate. I spent the first year getting pissed off that there wasn't a 7.95 enchilada, taco, rice and beans with a margarita option. UGGHGH.

    I have no clue where you'll find green chile enchiladas if that's your thing...Colorado and all...but there is some awesome Mexican food and a few decent TexMex places. Lately I've been going to Arriba Arriba for combo plates. Enchiladas are decent, tacos same, good drinks and chips...they get it more so than a lot of other places. There are some really good taco places on 117th between 3rd and 1st. Those are authentic and pretty satisfying. But again, not that a taqueria is necessarily a TexMex place. I swear someone would make a fortune if they would open a restaurant called "Tex-Mex From Someone Who Actually Knows what Queso Is." There's a place way east on Houston that is just a hole in the wall that is owned by a Mexican family that is pretty good.

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      There's a new Tex-Mex place in Red Hook, Brooklyn on Sullivan St. I forgot the name but it's at 116 Sullivan the site of a former Mexican Restaurant called El Huipil. I've never eaten at the new place, but it does look interesting.

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        It's called Viva

        116 Sullivan St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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        Encuentro is a spanish/Tex-mex/Dominican Republic located in an odd location in Brooklyn 6th Ave & 15th St - Their combo meals are very good and the prices are excellent. I think that they know what Queso is.

      3. I am from Fort Worth and moved to NYC seven years ago. I had a really hard time finding anything that was close to Tex-Mex. As jgradieoakes mentioned, Arriba Arriba is pretty good though it gets better the more your drink (hmmm). There is a place in Jersey City, Bubby's Burrito's that is really good but it is more Cali-Mex than Tex-Mex.
        There is a place in the Village that is abysmal. I won't mention names (initials: CCC) I went there with my brother last month and ordered Queso and they brought out shredded cheese that was melted on a plate.

        1. Yeah, really hard to find Tex-Mex or Southwestern food in the city. Don't know why. I hate it when people tell me Mesa Grill is southwestern. But, if you want another mexican place that's pretty authentic, I like Mole on Allen and houston across from the gigantic american apparel billboard. I also like Puebla, best steak tacos with guajillo rub.

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            "Yeah, really hard to find Tex-Mex or Southwestern food in the city. Don't know why. "

            Most likely because it is a regional thing and just does not translate well here in NYC. I doubt one can find good New York-style pizza in Texas. Some things are better left to the areas that do it well. It's a good excuse to travel. :)

          2. I just recently moved to NY from Texas for school, and in the search for some delicious tex-mex here (since nyc's "mexican" food is no where near the same as in Texas), I stumbled on this website and no one's answers helped.. So here's my discovery - Chevy's Fresh Mex btwn 7th&8th on 42nd.. It's amazing..

            Side note: Don't expect to find what us Texans consider queso here unless you do your research. If you're specifically craving queso, go online to see the restraunts menu beforehand. If it says "queso fundido" it's not normal queso. It's baked cheese aka stretchy/greesy mess.. no bueno. For real queso the menu needs to say chile con queso.

            1. Hands down the best tex-mex in NYC is at Los Dos Molinos. In the area of Union Sq.. The prices are ridiculous ($17 weak margarita, $20 chimichanga), and the servers are marginal at best.

              But they are the only spot in the city doing this style right and they must know it. Even with the crazy prices they are perpetually busy so they can get away with it.. I just stay away from the Margaritas and come out not too bad.

              I still go back because they have the best Nachos and Chile Relleno I've ever had. There is a weekday happy hour that helps a bit with the cost.