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Mar 26, 2008 04:56 PM

Biggest Steak or Burger in Chicago

My friend and I are huge meat foodies and we are looking to see where they have the biggest steaks or burgers in the city. He has been to the Big Texan in Texas, tried the 72 oz free challenge and failed and is looking to see if Chicago has an equal. We both love huge burgers and steaks at good prices. I have finished two 1lb burger at the Chicago Sports Grille in the basement on the board of trade. The places we like for steak & burgers are:

Kinzie Chophouse
Chicago Chophouse
Newport Bar and Grill
Select Cut Steakhouse

Any requests would grealty be appreciated. Thank you

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  1. If you haven't been already, check out Moody's Pub. It's not the biggest burger, but definitely a Chicago classic. It's also a nice place to go in the summer because they have a huge outdoor patio. (Not to mention two fireplaces inside for winter months.)

    Hop Haus also has a couple good options.

    Kuma's is the biggest (and probably the best) burger I've been able to find in the city. I managed to polish off the pulled pork, bacon, cheddar one; fantastic!

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      1. I know that Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston has both 1 lb and 2 lb burgers.

        1. Have you tried the 48oz club at Shula's steakhouse. A friend of mine has eaten many of them.

          1. Thanks for all the feeback and I am looking forward to getting to these places.

            I have however been to some new places and back to some of the old places.

            Kuma's Korner is absolutely wonderful. Recently I went and had the Black Sabbath and Goblin Cock (Biggest burger I have ever eaten). If you have not eaten there, do so but get there early because it seems like the masses now about this place and it has gotten packed as of late.

            Newport bar and Grill. This bar/grill/laundromat has some of the best patty melts and some of the biggest salads I have ever eaten. Wonderful food all around in a place that is hidden in the Southport Corridor.