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Mar 26, 2008 04:48 PM

amazing bbq in the pasadena area

help....need extremely amazing bbq in the pasadena area...any recommendations?

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  1. There isn't any really amazing BBQ in the Pasadena area. But I like Big Mama's Rib Shack on N. Lake.

    WARNING: Barn Burner on Fair Oaks is a complete disaster - the people running that place don't know what BBQ is.

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    1. re: Kevitivity

      Other people here have mentioned Big Mama's as a good option so we tried it a few months back and were very pleased. Their sauces are good too.

      1. re: Kevitivity

        IMO, the beef ribs at Barn Burner are always [surprisingly] jaw-droppingly good. But everything else is eh.

      2. We always go to Montrose for Zeke's. Order ahead, get to go. Or eat there. It's way better than Big Mama's and (gag) Barn Burner.

        1. I like Robin's. I also hear that Gus' BBQ was bought by the guys from Tops Burgers, but I am not sure if its re-opened yet.

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            No, Gus's hasn't reopened yet, but I think it's going to be more of an upscale burger and beer place with a few barbecue items.
            There's some info on the website.

          2. There's a new place I wrote about awhile ago. Beans BBQ on Fair Oaks and Montana, one block south of Woodbury. Good ribs, and better than anything else in the area in my opinion.

            1. Hey jmulheim,

              Per your request of "extremely amazing bbq" in Pasadena: Sorry, there is none. Just bear down and drive the extra ~30 minutes to the great BBQ in L.A. / Westside if it must be "extremely amazing." :)