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Mar 26, 2008 04:30 PM

D Wade's Sports Grill - Fort Lauderdale

Just ate there tonight (they opened up on Monday) - what a disappointment. All of the waitresses and servers are young kids dressed up like referees or in Miami Heat dancer type outfits. They basically turned the whole restaurant into a huge cheesy bar, limited booth seating in the main room - display cases filled with D. Wade stuff. Food is typical cheap bar food - fried this and that, potato skins, burgers, etc -- The food is the same as the Quarterdeck or any other Sports bar type place, greasy and nothing special.

I was really expecting something just a little better, this place makes the old Bucky's look good.

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  1. Boy, I really miss Houston's in that old location!

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    1. re: gblcsw

      Me too! I used to go there a few times a week, the food and service were always great. The people that used to work there told me it was something with their lease on the building that didn't workout.

    2. What would have led you to expect anything better?

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        The real question is what's worse: D Wade's or the Heat's season?

      2. Wow, and I thought Bucky's was pretty bad. By the way, what's going to happen when Wade is traded in a year or two? Good thing Shaq didn't open a Shaq's Grill...

        1. Anyone been to the one in Boca yet?

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          1. re: Fibber McGee

            Looks like the Boca one is off the table. Around May 1st, the banner announcing D.Wade's, came down and little available signs went up. Stopped by today, and there are big 4x8 AVAILABLE signs in the windows and a special poster announcing that "... this location is being relocated to Aventura. Or visit our Fort Lauderdale location at ..."

              1. re: Frodnesor

                Sorry, I forgot the level of precision required here. Let me rephrase:

                The succulent poster ensconced behind translucent material that was almost transparent in its opaqueness proclaimed:

                "D. Wade's Sports Grill is relocating to
                16395 Biscayne Blvd,, Aventura Miami, or
                You can visit our nearest and spacious
                location at 1451 N. Federal Hwy., in
                Ft. Lauderdale.

                We apologize for the inconvenience.

                Note: Double commas after Blvd and capital "You" on the third line are how they are written on the poster.

                1. re: Eatster

                  Eatster - wasn't intending to poke fun at you, thought that was what the sign actually said. Which wouldn't have been nearly the worst typo I'd ever seen. An Indian restaurant near me used to offer "Lunch and Diner" with "Waterfront Dinning". Lots more good ones here ->

                  ETA - thanks for the picture! Dwyane (sic) looks unhappy - do you think it's the restaurant relocation or the 15 win season?

                  I can't see this place going over any better in Aventura.

            1. re: Fibber McGee

              I've been to the Boca one several times but my most recent visit was 05/09/2008 and the food is consistently outstanding. I love it there, they installed video cameras on top of the building to monitor the parking lots 24/7 which makes you feel safer with all that's going on with the crimes happening down the street at Town Center Mall.

            2. The place isn't THAT bad. They did a good job opening the place up...but it is kind of 'out of place'. It belongs downtown Ft. Lauderdale by Cayote Ugly and Art Bar. I really don't see the neighborhood embracing the place. It is better than Bucky's though. 100 times better. The food was typical...and I was kind of shocked my burger didn't come with lettuce and tomato. It was $8 after all. I'm going to give it one more chance in a few months. I hate to see empty places...and god knows there are a lot on US1 lately. Houstons was a great place...but a few months prior to closing it went down hill. J Alexanders has slipped a bit recently too. Prices are going up and food/service is going down.


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              1. re: FTLToday

                I drove by there on my way to Whole Foods Sunday and have to say I found it funny that Offerdahl's was right next door!

                I would eat at Offerdahl's before D. Wade. At least he has a track record of success and decent food!