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Mar 26, 2008 03:51 PM

Northshore Hawaiian BBQ [SEATOWN]

It's located in that weird triangular lot where Boren, Jackson and 12th intersect. I'm pretty sure that lot is cursed, but has anyone been to this place and tried it out?

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  1. I went there tonight…don’t bother. It wasn’t very good. They seem to use inferior food products, in other words cheap ingredients. We had the two combination plates. One was the BBQ combo; kalbi, beef, and chicken, salty and the chicken was dry. The other was Seafood Combo with Chicken Katsu; The shrimp was pre-made store bought kind, Mahi-Mahi was dry and over cooked, the chicken katsu was flattened thigh meat with the panko coating flavor was the main taste. For Hawaiian in Seattle I still like Kona kitchen and Kauai Family Restaurant.

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      I agree. I've been to the Northshore Hawaiian BBQ House a couple of times (it's more convinient for me than the other places mentioned) and have been disappointed each time. In general, not worth going too. Even Island Breeze in Wallingford is better (and it's not very good).

    2. I don't know anything about Hawaiian food, but did try this place as it was nearby and convenient. The spicy chicken dish was too salty and I suspect full of MSG, I could still taste it the next day. The short ribs were reportedly tasty. Wanted to try the sausage/spam, rice, egg plates.....Not worth it?

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        it's pretty diffiult to mess up sausage/spam, rice and eggs...