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Mar 26, 2008 03:44 PM

osteria cicchetti- wilmington,nc

I just went here this past friday night for dinner.... and it was FANTASTIC!! we started off with mojito's at the bar before our reservation, the mojito's were delicious and made fresh.. our reservation time of 8:00 was prmptly met.. our servers name was calli and she did an excellent job of explaining the specials and the menu..our drinks were served promply with an amble basket of ciabatta and flatbread.. both were delicious.. I started with an olive assortment and polenta fries.. very good, the polenta was wonderful .. our second course was romaine heart salad and tomato basil soup.. both were excellent.. third course we had veal saltimboca and lasagna. the veal was excellent.. and the lasagna was probably the best I have ever had... WOW Factor.. we were so stuffed and satisfied that we skipped on dessert.. this was one of the best meals I have had in a long time and I am looking forward to my next visit. mr. azziz, thank you for another wonderful place to dine.. ciao.

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  1. We ate at Osteria Cicchetti tonight. I'd give it a B+.

    Bread and oil to start. Bread was good -- a classic chewy Italian and a cracker with lots of sea salt. The oil was kind of blah.

    Beef carpaccio app to split. Good. Served with a little heap of greens with a vinaigrette and some chopped roasted peppers.

    Salad also to share -- spinach, walnut, pickled pear. Salads are big enough for two people, easily. The pickled pear was really good -- not too slimy, good balance between spice and sugar.

    Entrees -- lamb grillades for me, mushroom/marsala agnoletti for DH. The lamb was excellent. Very tender and juicy, underneath a pile of arugula, seared cherry tomatoes, diced artichoke hearts, and goat cheese. The heat from the lamb was enough to make the goat cheese slightly gooey but happily not enough to wilt the arugula. The combination was very interesting. DH's pasta was not as good -- fine, but unremarkable. Tasted of marsala and mushrooms.

    Dessert. Flourless chocolate cake for DH. Good. Served with preserved cherries that were the best part -- sort of like very upscale maraschinos. Tiramisu for me (I'm boring) that was kind of blah. Fine, in that I ate about 3/4 of it, but not the best I've ever had.

    1. We've eaten there twice now. I'm with marlowbeach - I'd give it about a B+. We loved their olive selection as well. The antipasto offerings were all pretty good. My husband loved their pizza - very thin and crunchy/crispy - more on a cracker bread than a real pizza crust. Unusual but very tasty. The first time we ate there, I had their bolognese. It was good, but a little watery and slightly bland, but certainly "B" worthy. The second time we ate there, my husband had pizza again, but I opted for the oxtail ravioli. Truly awful. I'll definitely avoid that dish next time around. The sauce was salty, greasy and burned-tasting - as though they left too much oil in the pan and then burned it before starting the sauce. I'm glad that was my second go-round and that I'd had a pretty good meal the time before, or I probably wouldn't go back. Other dishes are quite respectable, though, and it's a fun place to eat.

      1. Been to OC three times and had good food each time. Antipasto dishes are a bit smallish but the entrees are filling. I've tried a few dishes and all were very good. Definitely above average. Haven't had enough room to do dessert yet. Casual atmosphere is nice and prices generally reasonable. A good bet for Italian.

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          We had a wonderful meal there recently. Everything we ordered was very tasty; portions were just right; prices very reasonable, and the service, casual yet professional. Absolutely love the decor! I would give "OC" a solid A-.

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            We had lunch at the "OC" today. I had the White Bean and Pancetta Soup of the day and the Spinach salad. Husband had the BLT panini. We like to go here for lunch. Lunch tends to be our main meal and it was good. Quite a few things I have had before are not on the menu anymore. We miss the beet cold plate. The chicken is good and I have enjoyed the lasagna before. The food prices are very competitive and the wine prices are a fairly steep mark up. We do like the pizza although a couple of times there has been way to much cheese and I like Cheese a lot.

        2. Thanks for your review! I have to give it a second try... We went right when it opened, and it deserves some allowance for growing pains.

          We had a pretty dissapointing meal. We had really high hopes for an authentic Italian experience. Service and ambiance were awesome, food was pretty mediocre, but it could have had to do with our choices.

          I had to send back my lamb shank over polenta. I couldn't even cut into it - the cut was all fat and gristle and cartilidge. The sauce was pure grease. I have never even seen lamb get like that. They were very gracious and didnt charge us.

          The salads were great, and the pasta was good.

          Seems like they might have a decent menu, but execution in the kitchen and quality of ingredients is holding it back?