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Mar 26, 2008 03:21 PM

Which steak to get at Mastros?

I got the 33oz bone in Rib eye on my last visit and I am sorry to say but I had trouble finishing the steak . . . yes it was too big. I make rib eyes a lot at home as well and I am thinking about branching out to either the Bone in Filet( I usually dont love filet but this was a tasty bite) or the Strip steak(bone or boneless) - I am not sure . . . any suggestions?

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  1. Hi There,

    I think the next time I go back to Mastros I am going to split a steak. They are all too big and I like to enjoy the veggies and potatoes with my meal. The filet and the peppered New York were both to die for. My date got the Rib Eye once and the bone-in filet the next time and said I quote "It's a good thing we are at Mastros or I would pick up this bone and eat it like a dog". I think that means he enjoyed it immensely.
    Take care,
    Brownie Gal

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      I almost always go to Mastros Ocean Club and get the Bone-In-Ribeye 70% of the time and the KC Strip 30% of the time, but the the last time I went to Mastros Steakhouse and got the Prime Prime Rib...whoa baby!!! I felt like Fred Flinstone. It was the best Prime Rib I have ever had.

      I wish they sold it at Ocean Club.

    2. I'm a big fan of the porterhouse there, but that doesn't really solve your problem. Brownie's sharing idea is or good one or you can do like I do -- take the rest home for steak sandwiches the next day.

      1. The bone-in filet is the hands down winner at Mastro's.

        1. bone in rib eye -- bone in rib eye -- if you can't finish it, take it hope and gnaw on it in the morning. soooo good.

          1. The Bone-In-Ribeye. Don't change. What you can't eat makes a great portion for steak and eggs breakfast or steak sandwich luch, or even dinner the next night. Oh, and your dog will love you forever.