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Mar 26, 2008 02:32 PM

Thai Street Food Vendors

I'm missing the days of Wat Thai. Has anyone found another experience like it?

I was thinking about trying LAX-C but not sure if they have a food court a la Mitsuwa or is it really just a Thai Costco?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Thai New Year Songkran Festival is Sunday, April 13th
    Hollywood Blvd between Western & Normandie
    I'm sure many of the same vendors who were at Wat Thai will be there.

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    1. re: monku

      That makes me so happy, definitely will be there. Thanks for the heads up!

      Does anyone have comments on LAX-C?

      1. re: boopboopdedoo

        i've seen some vendors in front of lax-c selling food (grilled meat on a stick, i think there was also a kanom krok vendor as well, etc). but it's not extensive like at wat thai or anything, and is not really a gathering place. people probably just buy to go. also i don't know what days they are there.

        1. re: jackt

          I visited LAX-C with TonyC for the first time this morning and I'm inclined to agree: it's not a dining destination per se, but instead a convenience for those folks who are shopping the market or happen by. Anyway, I think that the outdoor vendors you reference are only there on weekends.

          FWIW, we espied the following:


          -khanom krok (toasted coconut fritters)
          -khanom beuang (Thai dessert "tacos")
          -kai/muu sa-te (grilled chicken/pork skewers)
          -sai krawk isaan (grilled Isaan-style sausage)
          -som tam (papaya salad w/ salty crab, whole anchovies, etc.)


          muu saam chan krawp (deep-fried three-layer pork)
          pet pa-lo (roasted duck w/ 5-spice stew)
          haw mok (steamed curry custard w/ fish)
          plaa thuu (grilled mackerel)
          naam phrik ka-pi (fermented shrimp paste "dip")
          sii-khrong muu krawp (deep-fried pork ribs)
          khai jiaw cha-om (accacia leaf omelette)
          kaeng som (thin/sour curry w/o coconut milk)
          kaeng khiaw-waan plaa (green curry w/ fish)
          kaeng daeng kai (red curry w/ chicken)
          kaeng liang (thin/spicy peppercorn curry w/o coconut milk)

          LAX-C, Inc.
          1100 N. Main St.


          1. re: Erik M

            are you sure the outdoor grilled meat was sate? last time i saw it, it was marinated grilled meat similar to wat thai's grilled meat, which is in a marinade but is *not* sate (both are skewered, but different marinade recipe)

            1. re: Erik M

              the khanom krok halves didn't stick together. i don't know why. it was buggin' cuz they kept splittin' apart. not a big deal but...

              Erik noted the sai krawk Issan is straight from the freezer sections of LAX-C itself. LAX-C sells 2 house brands, smaller links and larger links. the smaller links were being served. a hint of heat, fine ground pork, a bit sour, but not too adamantly sour and not too much rice. Reminds me of the sausages from Yai which are not made in house:

              pretty darn good for mass produced but i'd think it'd be better deep fried. still like Can Coon's more. an Issan acquaintance said this is her fave in all of LA.

              no idea about the chicken sate. there's no peanuttiness. in Eric's defense he didn't get to eat it so... it's grilled chicken. i had satay sauce at home. it was chicken satay to me.

              honestly, the food stall was only the size of 2 EZ-UPs, certainly not a destination unless you were in the area.

              1. re: Erik M

                whatup erik m. i chanced across your posts on this board, and seems like you're in la now. i dunno if you recall but i had asked for help on the LTH board a couple years back and you guys really took care of me. i remember you even very generously offered to show me the ropes with the secret thai menus out there! just wanted to say thanks again.

                are you still unearthing the secret menus in la? i'm doing an la eating trip in about a month - lemme know if i can hook you up a basturma sandwich of gratitude or something lol. later bro.

            2. re: boopboopdedoo

              LAX-C has vendors under EZ UPs:
              i was just told last nite that there's some kickass Issan style sausages to be found there.

            3. re: monku

              I know a number of local restaurateurs and commercial vendors who are forgoing participation this year because of the increased entry/rental fees. It remains to be seen whether many smaller operators will take the plunge.

              As for the "First Annual International Curry Festival" outlined in your link, I'm predicting a bust. I've personally reviewed the solicitation materials/fee scales and the barriers to entry are both numerous and steep.


              P.S. There is a relatively new Thai "mini-market" on Western Avenue just south of Hollywood Blvd where, for the past few weekends, they've been vending freshly-fried bananas (kluay thawt) as part of their "Grand Opening" promotion. In any event, they're great folks with a nice little shop so I'd encourage a stop anytime.

              Thai Mini Market
              1614 N. Western Ave.

              P.P.S. The o.p. might also be interested in checking out the sweets (khanom) vendor and the curry vendor which set up shop at Silom Market on weekends. I'm not much for sweets, but I can vouch for the curry vendor's wares. Kaeng Tai Plaa, Kaeng Som, Kaeng Khii-Lek, etc. Oh, and you'll often find still-warm tapioca/pork dumplings (saku sai muu), minced-meat salad (laap), etc., on the shelves which precede the checkout counter.

              Silom Market
              5321 Hollywood Blvd.

              1. re: Erik M

                i've spied a couple of Wat Thai vendors inside at the new king seafood supermarket on sherman way in north hollywood.

                el linus

                1. re: linus

                  I really miss the mango with sticky rice that was sold at Wat Thai.

                  Does anyone know if the mango vendors that were at Wat Thai are currently working out of New King Seafood (or anywhere else)?

                  I remember there were two mango vendors at Wat Thai. I really liked the one who was located opposite the long row of other vendors. The lady who peeled and sliced the mangos would often be chatting away on her bluetooth the whole time.

                  1. re: nl06

                    if i recall correctly, they had mango with sticky rice at new king seafood. papaya salad, and a few other things. it's a small counter set up in a corner.

                    el linus

            4. Not Thai, but there's a weekly Indonesian street foods faire at the Duarte Inn in the City of Duarte. Every Saturday from around 10 AM to 3 PM (or whenever the food runs out).

              Here are some pics:

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              1. re: elmomonster

                Ah cool...thanks for the reminder elmomonster !

              2. Wat Padhammachart the same type of food vendors on the weekends. It's located at 14036 Don Julian Rd. La Puente, CA 91746.

                I have not been to this place.