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Mar 26, 2008 02:25 PM

Breakfast near SeaTac

Am having the fortunate timing to meet with my cousin as our vacations overlap so we've agreed to meet for breakfast. We are arriving late the nite before so want to find a spot within a reasonable (5-10 miles??) radius of SeaTac for breakfast Saturday. We could do hotels or chains but I'd rather find the spot that all the locals know as the best breakfast in the area so any suggestions would be welcome.

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  1. You could go across the street to 13 Coins.

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    1. re: wwahl

      13 coins is an awful place. bad food, bad service, overpriced. i'd rather go to dennys

    2. Isn't there an old school pancake house down there somewhere?

      1. According to Google maps, Geraldine's Counter is 8.1 miles from Sea-Tac Airport. It's a neighborhood known as Columbia City, and a pretty straight shot north up I-5 to the MLK exit, then over to Rainier Avenue. Geraldine's is a very popular, neighborhood, diner style establishment, and pretty busy on Saturday mornings, but you'll get in after a bit of a wait. I like the white corn scramble with havarti cheese and basil, or their pancake of the day. At our last visit, they had ginger pancakes with carmelized apples. My daughter likes their french toast or the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with aioli and sweet potato fries. Columbia City Bakery is directly across the street from them - definitely worth a visit either before or after your breakfast for a pistachio snail or maybe a plum/marscapone danish.

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          Geraldine's is fine, but I feel like you would be disappointed taking a cab all the way to Columbia City for it. (it's not THAT great...)

          If you're going that far, take another 5 mins up I-5 and expand your options to the rest of the city.

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            geraldine's is really good, but it is super busy and quite a wait.

          2. I live in SeaTac, just north of the airport, and I've been looking for a really good breakfast place in the neighborhood for years, with only marginal success. The pancake house somebody mentioned is probably the Pancake Chef, 15215 Military Rd S., just off International Blvd. (a.k.a. Pac Highway). It's just okay, IMHO, definitely not the old-time breakfast delight I was hoping for.

            The best options I've found hereabouts are Huckleberry Square, 14441 Ambaum Blvd. SW in Burien, and Dave's Diner & Brews, 2825 S 188th St. in Seatac. Both do basic coffee shop fare, decent but not great.

            I like Geraldine's Counter well enough, but it's definitely NOT in the neighborhood--didn't even cross my mind to suggest it, even though I suppose it does fit your criterion of under 10 miles away. If you're willing to drive that far, another option to consider would be Luna Park Cafe, 2918 SW Avalon Way in West Seattle. They do good, basic diner food in a funky atmosphere. If your definition of breakfast food is broad enough, the milkshakes are superb.

            I noticed a little dive in Burien the other day--can't recall the name, but I think it had a woman's name--and told myself I needed to try it sometime when I'm feeling adventurous. I believe the sign says something about their breakfasts. Looks like the kind of place that will either be a diamond in the rough, or else a horror--nothing in between. It's on the west side of Ambaum, a block or two south of 148th. It appears to have been there forever--don't know why it didn't register with me before. If anybody knows what I'm talking about and has been there, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

            1. These are great ideas. I love the rec for Geraldines and if we don't make it there this time, I've put it on my list later in the trip or next time. Burien options sound good too and I expect may fit the bill. However, just found out cousin is staying down Kent way in the KOA so may try to find something closer to her. Either way, I'm not adverse to trying the diamond in the rough - living in Alaska and know some of the best food comes from places that don't exactly shine.

              MsMaryMc - of course milkshakes are for breakfast - its milk/dairy stuff and that is naturally breakfast food but then I think most anything can be eaten at breakfast and vice versa LOL