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Mar 26, 2008 02:16 PM

What to do with chicken and very ripe avocados?

I need some Chowhound inspiration. What should I do with some chicken breast and very ripe avocados for dinner tonight? I am willing to make a trip to the store for some delicious ingredients to make this dish complete. I'll take whatever ideas you have!

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  1. Inspiration is about all I can offer. I don't have a recipe but a very favorite dish I used to order at Mexican restaurant years ago was, Chicken breast with an Avocado Cream Sauce.
    It was always a special, not something served all the time. Probably the sauce was too delicate to keep, so they made it to order. I don't have a recipe, but that sauce was so delicious, spicy, creamy and pale green, served on a perfectly roasted chicken breast.
    Does that inspire you in the least? Other than that, guacamole is the only thing I make with ripe avocados. If I had more time I'd try to find a recipe for you... sorry.

    There are a zillion recipes for cold avocado sauce if you wanted to go that way.

    1. My mom used to make grilled chicken and guacamole sandwiches.

      1. I've made an avocado sauce simply by pureeing the avocado with a little chile (serrano or jalapeno), cilantro, and chicken stock until it's about the consistency of cream. Excellent with roasted or grilled chicken or pork chops. Even better with a fresh pico de gallo or similar chopped salsa (radishes are good) for texture and brightness.

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            I think I've only served it at room temperature, although you could certainly experiment with heating it. Generally, though, it seems like anything based on avocado is best at room temp, no? I can't think of hot avocado dishes.

            I've also added minced white onions at the end for extra bite and texture, when it's wanted. You could also use a little soy sauce and water instead of chicken stock.

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              Well not normally. I'm trying for a dish I had long ago it was a cream sauce of avocado, chilies, onions, chicken broth, cilantro and cream heated through served with roasted chicken breasts. Topped with a little white cheese and cilantro. I loved it. They served it in little individual casseroles dishes for the oven. so good!

        1. cobb salad comes to mind....chicken, bleu cheese, avocado, tomatoes, hard boiled egg and greens.

          1. How about chicken and avocado tostada's