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Mar 26, 2008 02:00 PM

Le Creuset wear replacements

I was foolish, and lent my round, flame, Creuset casseroles. The covers were dropped, and they split, from rim to center. on both my 7 and 9 quart beloved pots. Please, someone tell me if there is somewhere to find replacement covers. Le Creuset has not deigned to answer my desperate request. For that matter, neither has Cooks' Illustrated, which really surprised me.

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  1. How did you contact LC? I called them - took me a couple of tries to talk to someone - but they then sent me a free cover, even though mine is 12 years old, and it was competely my fault. No shipping charge either. This was just in the last month, so I'd encourage you to try again. Another poster had a similar experience recently as well, with a ceramic piece.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks. I called. They didn't have any in stock (you have to wait until they discard an actual pot bottom), but told me there was a good chance of finding them, and to keep calling.

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        Good luck. I do sympathize. While I was waiting for my lid, I did use the pot for braised short ribs in the oven, and just used heavy duty foil (several layers) and it worked quite well. Just an off the cuff thought - but you might want to check Ebay - I'm always amazed at what is for sale there!

    2. The person who you lent your pots to should be bending over backwards trying to get you a replacement. No one should borrow anything, especially things costing several hundred dollars and then return them in that condition. That's totally unacceptable. Le Creuset should come through for you if you give them some time. I've seen many covers of all colors and types on Ebay so you should be able to get a replacement there too. Good luck!

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        If you've been e-mailing Le Creuset they are extremely busy and it takes them a while to respond. It's best to just call them at 877-CREUSET, and they should be able to help you!