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Mar 26, 2008 01:57 PM

Gelato in Fairfield, Westport, Bridgeport area?

Another thread has gotten me craving Gelato (thanks a lot, Jfood) but New Canaan is too far away. Has anyone found any decent gelato a bit further North?

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  1. I think The Pantry sells it but I am not sure nor have I tried it.

    1. Sunny Daes on Riverside Ave. in Westport makes gelato!

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        tried the "gelato" from the Fairfield location, and it was beyond gross and super sweet.

      2. no sympathy from jfood. M&M were about to drive to Rich's in Oxford for some ice cream but it closes at 9. Then placed Dr Mike's in Bethel in the Garmin and then found the sweet shop in Ridgefield has Mr Shane's saved 30 miles and had some great ice cream.

        but if you want good gelato, you gotta drive "all the way" to NC for gelatissimo. It is worth the drive.

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          next time you want ice cream, try Walnut Beach Creamery in Milford - I much prefer it over Dr. M's. They have a cute garden in the back, or you can take it to the beach across the street.

          Walnut Beach Creamery
          17 Broadway, Milford, CT 06460

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            "you can take it to the beach across the street."

            huuuuge plus. Thx

        2. The Whole Foods in Westport is getting a makeover starting this month which will include a gelato bar selling Cold Fusion gelato. The Darien Whole Foods has their gelato bar up and running and it seems popular although I have never tried it.

          Isabelle et Vincent in Fairfield does ice cream, not sure about gelato though.

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            That's great news - I love cold fusion - thanks!

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              The WF gelato is pretty good. Not Gelatisimo good, but better than i expected. I highly recommend the passionfruit mango (sorbetto, actually, not gelato; more passionfruit than mango. the blackberry Zinfandel is also really good). And the hazelnut is tasty as well.

              I don't know if other WF locations close to the original poster's desired location have the same bar...the Darien location is pretty big and purpose built, but might be worth a look...