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Mar 26, 2008 01:55 PM

Emerils Tchoup chop vs Roys??

I am flying in this Friday and meeting relatives for dinner in Orlando. I currently have reservations at both restaurants. I am not sure which would be a better choice. We will be a group of 6, casually dressed (no ties or jackets). Does anyone have an opinion on food quality as I suspect they are both similar Hawaiian/polynesian fusion style? Also I have been to other Roys and have had great meals. I do not want my father in law to be uncomfortable in resort wear and wondered if we willl be underdressed at Emerils.

The last time I was in Orlando I ate dinner in Downtown Disney and at the Universal Citywalk and it was great to eat, then leave the restaurant and walk around looking at the shops, stores, etc.Emerils Tchoup Chop is inside the Royal Pacific Hotel, and I wondered if that is within easy walking distance to the Universal Citywalk. If it is in the Citywalk then it might be preferable to Roys.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Figure 5-10 minute walk to City Walk, depending on your pace, from The Royal Pacific where Tchoup Chop is. As for the food, I have eaten at both and had good and bad meals at both. I prefer the room at Tchoup Chop to Roys and I would call the food a toss up personally. Resort wear is perfect for Emerils place as it is for Roys. I have found the hosts and servers a little nicer at Tchoup Chop vs Roys on my visits.

    1. Tchoup Chop is probably for you. I evacuated for a hurricane in 2005 and stayed at the Royal Pacific and had about 6 dinners at Tchoup Chop. The food was interesting and I recommend yo ask them to go easy on their seasoning (originally it was called Salt Salt by an Orlando reviewer) and season to your taste. The room is fabulous looking as is the lobby so it will make an impression. Roy's is located in one of those restaurant "farms". Lots of restaurants and not much else clustered. It is away from the tourist storm so that is a plus for Roy's.

      I prefer Roy's food to Emeril's but not by that much.

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        I think the food at Roy's is vastly supeior to tchoup chop. I had one of my worst meals ever at tchoup. Dumpling ap could have come from any avg chinese place & steak had terrible marinade that made it terrible.

      2. They both can be hit or miss, but are usually very good. Roys is almost entirely just fish (if everyone in your group likes that), whereas there is more variety at Tchoup Choup. Also, Roy's is located in several cities, whereas you'll get Tchoup Choup only in Orlando. I would recommend Tchoup Choup just a little more, for a group.

        1. For me Tchoup Chop is a very easy choice over Roys. We have been to several Emeril restaurants and Tchoup chop is easilly our favorite. Very good food and we had excellent service. I would opt to drive to city walk but it is very close. Maybe three blocks? I guess it depends on your group and how you are dressed. Tchoup chop is casual.

          1. We had very mediocre food and amateurish service at Tchoup Chop and wouldn't return in a fit. We haven't been to the Roy's in Orlando, where, I'm sad to say, so many things seem dumbed down on the theory that tourists won't notice or care; but, the Roy's in Tampa has done very, very well on a couple of occasions and not as well on a couple of others. Still, I'd definitely choose Roy's over Tchoup. Whatever you decide, your party won't be underdressed, don't worry about that.