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Mar 26, 2008 01:39 PM

fusaro's italian kitchen

I finally made it to fusaro's italian kitchen.
Unfortunately, the entire neighborhood also decided to check it out as well.
There was a line up....the entire depth of the restaurant. No Joke.
But I was starving and I had found a parking I was staying
in that line-up no matter what.
As I was in line..I had a chance to see what people had on their plates.
The soup look awesome, the pasta looked even better.
Howevver I only had time for a panini (take out of course).
I selected the "tre"....ham, brie, some greens, vegetables?...and the most
amazing garlic mayo.
I was a happy camper.
Does anyone have any further recommendations what to enjoy at this restaurant?

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  1. There is ALWAYS a lineup that long.. but it moves very quickly... never had bad food there... love the chicken parm panini...

    1. A girl I work with swears by the chicken wrap, I saw them make it once, it had at least a whole grilled breast chopped into strips in it, looked good for about $8...

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        The chicken wrap is pretty good!

        Its not listed on their website but they also serve breakfast! I forget what the dish I had was called but it consisted of eggs, sausage, Italian bread toast, marinara sauce and a bit of cheese which kept me going until the afternoon it was so big!

      2. They make a decent arancini (sicilian fried rice ball, stuffed with mozzarella, served in an tomato sauce). The Chicken wrap is good, as are many of the panini sandwiches, although sometimes they go a bit over the top with the mayo (it's good, they just occasionally put way too much of it on the sandwich)... The pastas are decent, but not often great (avoid the gnocchi, they're pre-packaged; some of the pasta sauces can be a bit generic).

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          147 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V2L7, CA

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            Oh man, I love Fusaro's, best Salad selection, Lasagna, eggplant parmesan, pasta, panini, pizza, THE LIST GOES ON, worth the wait, best lunch spot in the downtown core.

          2. Following the advice of many, including a first hand account through a co-worker (see my above post) I went about a week ago, I ordered the much loved chicken wrap and was very sadly disappointed, as the young girl made it I watched and the portion was not just smaller than I'd seen in the past it was not worth the $8 it cost me, they seem to be inconsistent, I don't want to feel like a good or at least fair deal is a crap shoot...too bad...