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Mar 26, 2008 01:12 PM

Old Spaghetti Factory--Liberty Station, Open?


Has this place at Liberty Station in Point Loma opened yet?....I know it is not world class Italian, but I do love their mizithra cheese. Thanks.

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  1. My s.o. just loves the factory, for me it brings back bad memories in St. Louis as a poor grad student. Anyway I think you can do better at home. We found some mizithra cheese at a booth at our local Greek church festival. She make up some spag and mizth, it great and really easy, and I don't have grad school nightmares!

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      Remember when the Spaghetti Factory opened years ago in the Gaslamp when I was a youngster and the mizithra is still my fav..haven't been in average but one of those things that take you back to that little comfort zone..
      I think with the miltary base that it will do well..
      I love their spumoni ice cream..I wonder who makes it..

    2. I used to order the spaghetti with half mizithra and half red meat sauce. It was good.
      And I too loved their spumoni. I buy Dreyer's spumoni to carry me through until then...

      1. You are absolutly right, their mizithra cheese is great!

        1. Apertivo in North Park offers up a pretty good mizithra cheese pasta--owner is from Portland, same city in which Spaghetti Factory was founded....I went to their web site and sent an email inquiring as to when it will be open (and/or if they have broken ground yet)...will provide details once I receive information.

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            Thanks for the tip, I do not live far from there. I have tried to recreate it, but mine always came out dry and pasty, it is also hard to get the mizithra cheese properly grated.

          2. To answer your question, no, its not open yet. I'm having lunch over there today; I'll see if I can find out when the SF may be opening.