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Mar 26, 2008 01:12 PM

Live Oak vs San Antonio, Tx

Hello Texans! My husband and I are starting a job in your state at the end of April. We will be working in Live Oak, outside of San Antonio and are curious about the eats there. I did a search but came up with nothing. Would it be worth it to live in downtown San Antonio and drive to work 3 days a week? Basically if we live in Live Oak, will we be frequently driving into downtown for dining out? ALso wondering about hte grocery stores and farmers markets in the area... Thanks!

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  1. The Forum (shopping center) is nearby and has a variety of chain restaurants....Outback Steakhouse, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Sea Island Shrimp House, etc. Most are solid but not gourmet. IMHO, downtown (Riverwalk area) isn't much better with the exception of a few previously mentioned in this board. (I personally like Boudro's but would not live nearby just for its accessibility.) I don't know about Farmers Markets in the Live Oak area, but there's a large H-E-B (you'll learn about this grocery when to get to San Antonio) that has a great selection of fresh produce as well as other items typically found in a large grocery store. It's located on Kitty Hawk Rd. My daughter's in-laws live in Live Oak; it's a lovely community within the big city. Most of all: welcome to Texas!

    1. Well They do have a farmers market in Schertz down in the park,but it is too early right now.I think they have several in various places in San Antonio.
      Many people I know around here go to Granzin's Meat Market in New Braunfels
      which you can see from the I-35N access road.They also go to Penshorn's in Marion out on Farm Road 78 which takes you past Randolph AFB. and goes to Seguin.
      There is Bangkok Cusine a thai place near the college,it's in a little strip mall in front of the old Albertsons on Pat Booker Road.
      There is Taco Sensations and Cuelbra's and El Toro 's on Pat Booker Road.There is also,Little Dante's, Savarino's and Figlio's which are not chains.Little Dante is a branch of Pappa Dante's in Converse,just down the road,and the guy who owns Savarino's is actually from Italy.There is also the Patio Cafe next to the baptist church on Pat Booker.
      They are opening up some time an asian buffet in the old H.E.B.building,and down next to the Jack in the Box,some guy is opening up a Philly Cheesesteak place.
      In Cibolo is Harmon's BBQ, Cibolo Bakery and Catelano's which has pizza and other stuff.There is also a Bellacino's were they have toasted subs and other things. I had a sub there and it was quite good.Next to it supposedly a vietnamese restaurant,This is in Schertz by the SuperWalmart.
      There is also a mexican restaurant in the same plaza as the Bangkok Cusine.It's next to the college and a money loan place and some other stuff.Been there many years. Oh yes, there is another mexican place on the same side as the Bangkok Cusine, but in the shopping center next door with the laundry mat.It also has a greek restaurant too.
      There is also Dragon Lake Chinese,and several other mexican places onpat Booker.Don't go to Felix's,it's not very good.
      There is also Tres Hermanas off Pat Booker near one of the banks it's at Byrd and a cross street I forgot the name. And there is Leon's on Aviation ,Across from the old Kon Tiki Motel. There is also a Thai place on Aviation as well.You can email Universal City Hall or call them,they can send you a new comers packet,and the same for Live Oak and Schertz.
      Schertz has a new BBQ place on Schertz Parkway,and Big Papa's Sports Bar and Pizza.There is also Garcia's and Carmines(Italian) on FM3009. We have Baskin Robbins
      and Mabel Slab Creamery.There is Au Dang's Chinese,and Pazzo'sItalian and Long Shots Sports Bar.There is also Abel's Dinner which has been here for years. The best way to get there is to go to Walmart,then drive through the parking lot andmake a right hand turn onto the acess road,then go a few feet and it is on your right hand side.Not a lot of parking at Able's.The only other way to get there is to go past Chili's on the access road and cross over where it says Wiederstein Rd.Make a left,cross over I-35
      and make a left and go past Garden Ridge Pottery.They sell alot of other stuff there.
      In front of the Schertz's Lowe's they are opening an IHOP.
      The Forum has Sea Island a local San Antonio fish chain,and Louis LeDeux Seafood,which I don't think is a chain. The EZ's Brick Oven Grill is gone.But they have several in town,Like at the Alamo Quarry Marketplace.It is a local San Antonio Chain.
      In San Antonio is Mr.and Mrs. G's on S.W.W.White Road which has home style and soul cooking.In Schertz located in the old Smoke Pit BBQ Place is Loretta's Finest,which is a soul food place.However,from looking at their menu and what they say,they are trying to make healtheir food.Haven't tried there yet.
      I don't know for sure if Live Oak has a library,they might,but both Schertz and Universal City do. There is also a golf course,and Schertz has a public pool. We also have a big Fourth of July Celebration. There are also various places to eat in Converse,but hardly ever get down there much anymore.Welcome to Texas and I hope this helps.
      And some Saturday,you can also take a drive out to Texas Country Pride BBQ near St.Hedwig,an old polish town named for the patron saint of Silesia where many of these settlers came from.Near there too is Aurora's Cafe in a little pink building.they have good food.Haven't tried Davila's BBQ in Seguin or their place in New Braunfels,or MCBee's or Granzin's BBq in New Braunfels either.Various mom and pop places in NB and Seguin and many of the small towns around here.
      Check out www.texasescapes. for information on many of these communities.Poteet has a Strawberry festival,Floresville a peanut one,both StockDale and Luling have watermelon festivals. Cuero has Turkey Days,because they raise so many around there.Gonzales has "Come and Take Days" which celebrate the first shot fired in the revolution against Mexico.

      1. I found out this week that there is a farmers market at Milberger's nursery parking lot on 1604 [and O'connor I think]. I found it at this site - and it looks like there is a good grower only market in New Braunfels and Sequin. There are several in San Antonio according to this site: but I can't comment on any of them yet!

        HollyDolly, the new place by Bellacinos is Thai - Siam something...we went twice last week, loved it the first time - Thai fried rice awesome, second time, it had curry in it and wasn't as good. I had the beef salad [never will know the correct name] and I loved it. Second time I had a curry and was really dissappointed in it, probably just a bad choice, but I was in an experimental mood...

        the Thai rolls - not great but the appetizer fried cruncy egg omelet filled with fresh bean sprouts and ground, seasoned pork OMG it was tasty! Finally we're getting some good food in Schertz/Cibolo area. Oh and I just saw in Schertz Tales - we're getting a new library YEAH!!!

        1. I made I slight error, apparently we will be in the Medical Center area, not Live Oak. Looking foward to Texas, should be fun!

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            In the Medical area on Wurzburg Parkway is the Golden Wok. Decent Mongoloian BBQ and Dim Sum. On the weekends the Dim Sum is on carts but during the week you have to order off of the menu. Still the only Dim Sum in the area. The Mong BBQ is pretty decent with plenty of veggies and sauces to pick from. Haven't tried the other chinese dishes off of the menu.

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              Golden Wok isn't bad, but the Dim Sum is better at Chef Chan's at 410 and Evers. The decor isn't as swanky, but the selection is greater and the food is superior.