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Mar 26, 2008 01:11 PM

Schlafly Bottleworks STL

Supposed to meet a friend there next week for lunch.. Have never been. Anything worth ordering, or should I stick with Pale Ale? Thanks!

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  1. Bottleworks is great, although me and my fiancee now live in the MSP area and haven't been since last December. I'd recommend the waldorf salad, squash bisque, and calzone/pizza with one of the special meats (venison, bison) that they have, but above all get the kogut curry chicken sandwich. Wow. As for beer, the Coffee Stout and Winter ESB are my favorites. Enjoy!

    1. I love their food, so I have a list of things to try. The bison stew is one of my favorites, though I'd go with just a cup of it so as to leave room for other things. The bison burger is also excellent (had one of those about two weeks ago and would love to have another this evening!). Of course, I also love the assortment of cheeses and pate served with their beer biscuits. Frankly, I could live on those beer biscuits and some Schlafly Hefeweizen for a long while.

      I've been very pleased by the fact that I can take a variety of people there and everyone finds something good on the menu.

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        Thanks for the report! I live close by but have never tried it. Sounds like some interesting fare!

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          Don't miss the sticky toffee pudding for dessert!

          1. re: Devotay

            By the way, you'll notice that the desserts are a bit more expensive than you might assume, based on Schlafly's generally reasonable prices. As it turns out, every dessert is gigantic -- the toffee pudding is roughly the size of half a 9 inch cake.
            Also, the Bottleworks has a great patio with an outdoor fireplace. It's not only a relief for those who are tired of noise and crowds at most bars, it's also a great spot for hanging out on when the weather is nice.