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Mar 26, 2008 01:04 PM

S & P frozen desserts

Does anyone know of any Asian Markets in the Boston area (hopefully on public transportation) that carry S & P frozen meals? I used to get the taro desserts all the time from Super 88 in Allston, but for some reason they suddenly stopped carrying them about 4 months ago. The Super 88 in Chinatown has never carried them. The local Thai restaurant has them for $5 a pop, but that gets expsensive as I LOVE the stuff. Anyone know where else I could buy it?

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  1. The website has details about ordering them for home delivery. But I think you might have to buy a case of 12!

    Out of curiosity, have you tried any of the other desserts?

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    1. re: katielp

      I've tried that, they don't deliver to the US. I've also e-mailed them several times to find out if they have a distributer in the US, but I still have not recieved a reply.

      Here's my review of their desserts in decending order:
      -Taro pearls in coconut cream - ***** The best!
      -Gingko Nuts with Sweet Taro Mousse **** Not as good, but will eat when out of the above.
      -(Ruam Mitur) Mixed Dessert ** Not horrible, not great.
      -Durian in Coconut Cream * Absolutely horrible, thougth I was going to throw up.

      1. re: Jeangenie

        So, if anyone can tell me where they have seen them in the Boston area or have personally ordered them on line, I'd greatly appreciate it. Peace out.