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Mar 26, 2008 12:58 PM

Obrycki's Report - Crabs

My daughter has company from California and wanted crabs Monday night. Bill's was closed so we went to Obrycki's. I know Obrycki's gets tagged as a tourist place, and indeed they do well with the tourist trade, but I have never been dissapointed with their crabs. Offered at 44, 54,and 64 dollars per dozen we ordered a dozen 64s and they were big, hot, tastie and full of mustard. Only after my friend asked for lemon, having already requested cocktail sauce, butter and vinegar did the waiter assume we were tourists and ask where we are from. A little embarrassing for us Baltimore born folk.

Anyway, I think Obryki's holds up as a place to get good crabs in spite of being a little upscale and being known to tourists.

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  1. I like the black pepper seasoning. It's about the only place left which prepares them that way.

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      if you stick with crabs, Obryki┬┤s is expensive and very good

    2. I have to agree. I took someone there and wasn't expecting much, given the rep it has as a tourist trap. I was very pleasantly surprised with both how hot, steamy and fat the crabs were, as well as the unique flavor of the black pepper seasoning. It looks like the crabs are covered in sand, but the pepper really contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the crabmeat.

      I love salt, but every now and again you get a bunch of crabs that have a touch too much salt and it just sucks all of the moisture out of your mouth. This spice mix is a different experience altogether. I seem to remember hints of coriander and cinnamon in it, too.