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Mar 26, 2008 12:48 PM

B-Day in Kaiserslaughtern, Germany

We're going to be in Kaiserslaughtern (sp?) Germany next week on business. It's also my husband's b-day. Any recs on where to take him for dinner? Also any recs on foods to bring back would be appreciated too!


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  1. Wartenberger Muehle is 11 km up the A63 from Kaiserslautern. Here is their website: They have a "dinner for two" special, including wine, for euro 122, on Thursday and Sundays. Otherwise, dinner with wine pairings will run about euro 100 per person.

    Kaiserslautern is about 100km from Trier, one of the oldest cities in Germany, located on the Mosel River. Well worth a visit, especially to shop for wine to take home, as the Mosel region is famous for its wines, particularly Rieslings and Eiswein. IAdditionally, the Mosel Wine and Gourmet Festival is going on through the end of April; some special events occurring next week. Website is in German: